Autumn Seminar at Midnight Sky, October 6 – 10 Take Part

Location: Cologne

A tender conversation on heartbreak, loss, and the ever-present availability of an unbroken, deeper-level connection.

Becoming a parent is a joyous experience, but for many it can be quite overwhelming. Anxiety can quickly replace joy as we struggle with our own uncertainty and reactivity. How do we set boundaries and say ‘no’ in ways that don’t trigger a power struggle with our child? In this talk, John gives practical advice about how to give your child what your child really needs by coming from quiet clarity and warmth – the ‘juiciest’ kind of parenting.

The questioner describes having been awakened to a deep energy of pure love within, and yet suffering still continues. John explains that the suffering is in the self, while the love is not. The love is your home. Your self suffers because it is not complete. You are complete. You don’t need to suffer. That puts your self in your care. Then, every difficulty that you have in your self will have you coming more deeply from the love that you’ve awakened to, within.

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