Year: 2004

Q: I feel I closed off my sensitivity very young, and later in life closed it off even more. I’d love to connect with it fully, and really live what I know. John: Nurture the little within your self. When you have some measure…
Q: The question “what am I living for?” has been with me a lot in my life. I’ve felt desperate and known I was not living. Now, there is more peace around the desperation. I know there’s truth in that, but I can relax…
Q: I wanted to talk to you about trauma. John: Trauma or drama? Drama creates trauma. Trauma is the damages of drama. Q: I see myself playing with it, and it starts because of feeling that I can’t feel this feeling. I resist feelings…

JdR Audio 013

• Setting the terms on the most delicate; nurture with accountability
• Crisp goodness instead of meaningless compromise
• Knowing your finest perspective, sustaining your finest perspective
• Addressing every lack, imbalance or distortion
• Seeing, conceptualizing, communicating: unstoppable realness
• Cultivating an advantage for realness

JdR Audio 010

• Judicious love, profound togetherness
• Most gentled and tender brokenness
• Being the loveliness instead of just having it
• True beingness within the experience of persons
• Benevolent self-control instead of you controlling benevolence
• Giving away your island

JdR Audio 007

• Intimate knowing instead of a personal foundation
• Your potential as awareness
• Awareness moves inwards by knowing, outwards by thinking
• Meaning to knowing to awareness
• Your calling – spanning your innermost through to your outermost
• Everything matters …

JdR Audio 004

• Your conscious connection with knowing
• You can only address the foundation that you are able to identify
• You cannot use what you secondly are to be what you first are
• Giving your age profound meaning
• Only an issue of identity
• Nothing is wasted

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