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Where Choice Matters Most: Core Development Against All Odds

When: January 10, 2022 7:30 pm
Where: ,

“With the pulse, in the pulse, we may choose and shift, align within to something so much deeper than ourselves, but what do we choose when that influence subsides? When we are quietly left to our places in the world, quietly left to ourselves, our conditioning, our patterned ways. Do we then give over to the deep, within?”


Dialogue One

    • The pulsing of the calling: our choice when under its influence or left to ourselves
    • Development below despite desolation above; awareness evolving, soul increasing
    • A most profound invitation to be new in the midst of all the old
    • Your power to retain personal sovereignty or surrender absolutely to the deep


Dialogue Two

  • However covered up, the real is there; your core is there, and there you know
  • Unfiltered intimacy, right where all of life is experienced

Invitation of The Eternal

January 31, 2022

“It moves into you and awakens you to put you into a very real possibility of an entirely different level of choice. A level of choice not subject to or conditioned by any of your environments.

A most profound invitation to be new…..but in the midst of all of the old.❤

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Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

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