The Destiny of Your Changeable, Eternal Soul

When: April 30, 2020 11:00 am
Where: ,

“As a soul you may be behind the planet or ahead of the planet. The soul is eternal and it is changeable. Your relationship to direct knowledge is what determines your soul.”

* Interactive Online Meeting

  • Any separation will be reflected in your self as attitude; purity of heart is available to anyone
  • As you shift deeper and deeper, your soul grouping in the unseen changes
  • The greatest gift to a soul is difficulty
  • A higher level of direct knowledge is being released: we are in an unusual time, injection time
  • Levels of destiny, levels of soul; no one is here for their soul to suffer
  • In full response to the deepest: evolving into higher and higher levels of soul
  • Consciously coming from what’s deeper: the speed-up of the evolution of your soul

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