Real or Illusory: The ‘What’ that Makes the ‘Who’

When: September 18, 2021 11:00 am

“There’s a difference between what you think you know and what you know you know. What you think you know has no value. What you know you know is of conditional value. It has value if you’re given to it, if you’re being it.”

Dialogue One

  • The ‘who’ is only as credible as the ‘what’ that is behind it
  • The ‘what’ makes the ‘who,’ whether that is real or illusory

Dialogue Two

  • What gives an experience its value is why you believe it – or not
  • The value only becomes real as you’re given to it, marry it
  • In all of your life, be and do what you directly, simply know

Dialogue Three

  • What is permanent is what is made of oneness

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