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No Longer Defending the Ways of Your Self: Letting Only Love Have Your Words

When: November 21, 2021 11:00 am

“Let the quietude of love have the throne of your self.”


Dialogue One

  • Give everything to the real; you don’t need to work with your self
  • Going on a personality-fast; relieving the other person of your self
  • You would rather be kind than right; rather give than have
  • Love will have control of your mouth, your words, your speech
  • Tenderness moving in a tough world; giving of your inner garden


Dialogue Two

  • Giving away the real you to the unknown you, within


Dialogue Three

  • Falling into the deep, within; there's no self-recovery

The Fineness of Loves Words

December 13, 2021

The value of the words in this meeting is immense. Have pointedly no loyalty to myself when being with others is a benefit for everyone involved! So many ways to share the richness to which I belong, John provides here. My passion to find what I belong to intensifies each day. In my undoing here, there is nothing lost or left behind because it all came from the same source. This is a brilliant meeting!

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Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

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