Just You, Loved: The Mystery of Your Sexuality Free to Flourish

When: October 7, 2020 7:30 pm
Where: ,

“Sexuality is first a mystery. In you, it’s your mystery. The experience of sexuality in your self covers that mystery. Experience turns your sexuality into something that is all understood. That’s not real. The mystery of your sexuality is real.” 

* Online Interactive Meeting

  • When the mystery of your sexuality is free to move in your self, it cleans you
  • Taken by the unknown within, the magical sexual fields become accessible to you
  • Containment: not using your sexuality to create a bridge to others
  • Be warmly blind in all of your self concerning spirituality and you’ll see
  • Letting a garden develop in you: deeper level womanness
  • Manifesting proximity will draw your deeper levels into the surface
  • Live the bond and all of your patterned thinking will quiet

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