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Intimacy: Your Real Connection with Everyone

When: April 5, 2019 @ 2:00pm

This woman finds her self behind a shield of protection, separating her from the intimacy she knows lies beneath. But how to get through? John shows her how to drop into the most delicate touches of love and realize her intimate connection with everything and everyone.

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Video Transcript

Q: I’ve been in contact with many other spiritual traditions and I just want to know if what you are teaching is in some way connected with the system of the chakras?

John: Yes.

Q: It is related. Can you elaborate a little bit?

John: The chakras are generally related to from the outside in; a way of balancing, coming into alignment. The focus of it tends to be for the betterment of our selves, for the opening up of our selves, for bringing everything that’s deeper into our selves, and also for the good of our selves and the good of our bodies.

The chakras are like gates. They are gates in our body. The real function is from the inside out, so these are all gates of our being into our selves. As we open unconditionally, we come into alignment with what we know – not with what we understand, with what we know – is on the other side of the gates. So instead of trying to move through the gates or opening the gates, it’s our unconditional openness that already starts to make us the same as our being. It’s the movement, then, of our being into our selves that opens those gates. The real function of the gates is all being-oriented.

When we have mixed intentions in opening these gates, they open but they don’t open completely. They open in a way that is in keeping with the actual openness that we’re being within the mixed intentions. It’s like the gates read our openness, not our mix, but because there’s a mix, that means that we’re not 100% into the openness. The gates open completely when we are all in. Where there’s a mix, there’s a lack of openness. The gates move with the openness.

When we are in unconditional response to what we deeply know within, all the gates open because there is that much of our being that’s pouring into our hearts and into our selves. That’s like a flooding in. The self becomes flooded by the deep. It overtakes everything. If we’re even slightly apprehensive in our selves about what we might lose, the gates close appropriately. They won’t open beyond our own openness. If we’re a little bit unsure, then the gates close a little bit.

Q: But once we manage for one time to open the gates completely, there’s still a possibility the gates will close again?

John: They can.

Q: They can close again?

John: Yes. The only thing that’s permanent in regards to the gates is the reason for the gates. They don’t open permanently just because they have been completely opened.

The purpose of the gates is to control how much of our being comes into our selves. The control of those gates is our openness – our conscious openness. The opening and the closing of those gates are mirrored in our bodies, so it forms an experience of our body. It gives us feedback. We always have some kind of sense from our body of what we are being in our body. As the gates open, it opens up the deeper levels of our body. As the gates close, the deeper levels of our body close, and we’re left with the levels of our body that have only to do with our selves. It makes us feel more empty and stressed because there’s a fundamental knowledge that something is missing. What’s missing are the deeper levels of our body, the deeper levels of what we really are. It’s quite beautiful how that is all helping us, even if it makes us sick. It’s all like a kind feedback.

When all of the gates are open, they’re like light gates. As they all open, all of the gates blend together and what forms is something like a column of light. That’s our introduction to our light bodies, our real bodies: our body of being that is free to determine our selves, to determine our lives.

Q: But once we experience such a glorious state, why would we want to turn back to the limited self? Once it’s open, it’s open, no?

John: No. We can have a beautiful and a massive awakening where all of the gates fly open. At some point, we return to our selves because we have a self and we are in a body and as soon as we come back to our selves, we remember all of the investments that we’ve made in our selves. And then everything that we’ve opened up to, we realize that if we remain that kind of unconditioned openness, all of our self investments will be threatened. So we scurry about and quickly see if those investments are still all right. As soon as we do that, the gates are closing a little bit. Concern for our selves, a self-concern is a beingness that isn’t the same as our own being, so then the being-gates close proportionately. The opening or the closing of the gates is controlled by the opening or the closing of our hearts. We can close because we can. The beauty of that is that we can open because we can. The closing is a tightness and a distortion. As soon as we relax, we are naturally undistorting and opening. The openness is what we really are.

Q: So at some point it becomes permanent. The openness and all the gates become permanently open, no?

John: Only if, within the details of your life, you live the openness. When you remain unconditionally open at any personal expense, then you come to embody openness. You’ll be embodying what you really are. You’ll be embodying open gates. That makes them permanently open. Core honesty opens them. Core honesty, lived, keeps them open.

Q: And just so that I can relate to my understanding, this state, which is permanently open, is enlightenment? This is what is called enlightenment? Or even before?

John: All of the gates opening is enlightenment, but enlightenment isn’t it. Living it in the details of your life gives it form in your life. Living it is it. You can become enlightened and then conditionally live it; live it where it doesn’t threaten you too much, let it have of your self and your life what you’re comfortable with. So then the enlightenment doesn’t become embodied.

Q: Okay, thank you, John.

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