Intimacy: Your Real Connection with Everyone

This woman finds her self behind a shield of protection, separating her from the intimacy she knows lies beneath. But how to get through? John shows her how to drop into the most delicate touches of love and realize her intimate connection with everything and everyone.

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Video Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the April 5, 2019 Poleg Beach, Israel Event

Q: I wanted to ask about intimacy and it’s something that I struggle with a lot, with the relationship with my self and with the other. I cannot find a crack in my self. It is like I have these shields, like very thick skins that protect, that have become part of me, and although I don’t believe it, I don’t find a way to go underneath it.

John: When you are in the shield, the sheath, the cover, the intimacy beneath it doesn’t get through. When you are in the intimacy within, regardless of any sheath, shield or cover, the intimacy gets right through. When you have hardness in your face, with just a touch of intimacy that gets through, that’s an adorable face.

Q: Is it active?

John: There, in you, yes.

Q: Can you say more about it, about the quality of it?

John: It is the most sensitive, most delicate touch of love. It doesn’t matter how tiny it is. When you are there in that touch, nothing of your self, your body, your past, your genetics, prevents it. Intimacy is what you really are. What you really are is intimately connective with everything and everyone. 

Q: I can see it now and I can feel it now and it’s a lot. I’m afraid to be greedy, like, to want more and more and want …

John: You can’t have more, you must have it all.

Q: It’s possible to create this kind of connection with everybody and everything, even if it’s alive or, like, solid?

John: Yes. You can’t create it; it’s already there. When you’re being what you really are, you can find it in the paint on the wall. When you drop into this level, you can be this way, you can flow as this with what the paint on the wall really is. It’s intimate. The paint isn’t really paint, the paint is really intimate. When you are taken by the innermost of paint, you are in love. What makes everything in the whole universe hold together and be what it is, is intimacy – intimacy of being.

Q: I have this feeling all of a sudden that it will not last, you know, that it’s fragile, almost too fragile.

John: It isn’t fragile at all. It is extremely delicate and nothing can overcome its delicateness. There isn’t anything that can make it ‘not’, so it’s not fragile. It can handle anything – absolutely anything. When you’re being that, that’s you. There isn’t anything that you cannot handle; you are not fragile. You are indomitable intimacy of being. There isn’t anything that can overcome you. As soon as you separate from that, you are overcome by something that’s not real. It’s only your belief in it that sustains it, that empowers it. But as soon as you, right to the core, relax, there you are again: intimacy of being.

Q: Thank you.

John: How easily you have found your love.

Q: I want to let go even more, like to clean out this net and dust because yes, I feel that it was easy. But like you said, I want it all and I want it now, like to be everywhere. It’s everywhere?

John: Let it completely take you and you’ll see. As it completely takes you: takes you, has you, takes you over, you realize this is everywhere, and there you are, consciously a being again.

You won’t be the same after this, because now you have really been there. Now you are really here. Now you really, really, really know.

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