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Developing Your Body of the Beyond

When: November 25, 2017 @ 2:00pm

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Video Transcript

Q: In the winter seminar you spoke about the opening of the bigger picture and you brought up this beautiful movement of the whole bigger picture as a house and the ground. What is the code for awareness in the ground? I perceive it like there is this absolute awareness, awareness completely relaxed, absolute awareness, but there is a code for that. And then there is an illusion of awareness and this is more about how the house is built.

John: There are levels to your ground. You can be grounded in your self by what you feel but is different from what is outside of your self. The level of that ground is limited to your self. If you go deeper into your ground you’ll go quickly past anything to do with your self, and there you are grounded by something that you know – you directly know – and it doesn’t come from your self, but you can understand it in your self, so that’s familiar ground within that’s deeper than your self, such as being grounded in your heart. You understand that, in your self, but your ground goes deeper than that, goes deeper than your self. It’s deeper than your heart.

You can be grounded in the initial levels of what you know in your being, such as you being grounded in what you know of openness and softness that takes you into your heart and then into your being, and it’s by this openness and softness that you move in your being. It’s by this openness and softness that you know your being has you. That’s still understandable to your self. You have that understanding. Your ground goes even deeper. There is ground in you that you’re already in touch with, that you’ve already awakened to, that you’re already putting your feet into: ground that you directly know the truth of, a depth of real knowing within, knowing that is, in your self, incomprehensible, that you have not even a tiny touch of understanding. That’s the ground within, ground of knowing that you’re awakening to and that you’re responding to. It means more to you than your self. It means more to you than your life. You’re beginning to find your life in that ground; that ground of knowing that is incomprehensible to your self is beginning to be your life. You being grounded in what you know, but that is incomprehensible, is the beginning of your entrance to the beyond. You’re being grounded within, in your life, by your direct knowledge of the beyond. It’s becoming solid to you. Your groundedness in what is incomprehensible to your self is coming into your nervous system. You experience it opening your brain. As it opens your brain it doesn’t give you understanding. It gives you sight. By that sight you are coming into seeing that isn’t about what you see. You can’t make out what you can see: you’re in a depth of knowing within that is incomprehensible, and you’re coming into knowing that you’re seeing in that. You’re seeing by that knowledge. It doesn’t even matter to you that you’re not able to see something.

Q: Yes, that touches me very much because the movement is from inside out.

John: What touches you even more than that is that the movement is as much from the inside out as the movement is, deep within your interior, going beyond, further and further in. Your field of knowing is growing so, so far within that it doesn’t even matter to you any more that you’re not understanding what you’re going into. You love the going. You are exercising levels in your being by moving in them, and it doesn’t matter to you at all that you’re not understanding what you’re in. What you love is that you know how deeply you are in and you keep knowing further and further in. You’re not slowing down to give form to what you’re in. You like giving form to whatever you’re able to. Anything beyond that, you just keep moving by direct knowledge further and further in.

It’s like exploring the deeper reaches of the ocean, where you are so deep that it’s a depth that’s far beyond where the light reaches. You’re not relying on a seeing anymore. You are seeing through knowing. It’s a different level of seeing. It’s a level of seeing that a self isn’t able to relate to. You are discovering your ground of knowing. It takes you into the beyond. The beyond is beginning to be your source of life. Through your own ground the beyond, within, is real to you.

Q: I can’t completely perceive the ground and the beyond, and merging or functioning of that.

John: That’s because your self isn’t like that yet. That will come as you are being what you directly know in the beyond, as you are being that in your self; you being what you know in the beyond in your self, and in being the beyond in your self it opens, shifts and alters your thinking, your feeling and your seeing.

Your self begins to take on the hue of the beyond. That hue, in your self, of the beyond becomes your perspective in your life. It’s what you use to read what’s outside of your self. It’s what you use to read this world. That’s the beginning of your self being grounded in what you are grounded in. It’s by that that understanding of the beyond comes in to your self. It’s after your self has become it because you’re being the beyond within your self. Then instead of you seeing, you knowing that you’re seeing in the beyond but you don’t know what you see, all of your seeing, instead of it being incomprehensible, as your self becomes what you’re being in it, you begin to comprehend the beyond because your self is becoming the same.

In that way, you begin to develop a body of the beyond. The beyond, by you, is in your flesh. As you walk in this world the beyond that you’re grounded in has life.

As your self changes and turns into what you’re being in it, it isn’t just the beyond that is concretely in your walk, in your body, as you move about in this world, but you also begin to have real life in your self, in the beyond.

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