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Staying True to the Sunshine of Awakening

March 7, 2021 @ 11:00am

Using the analogy of awakening as the experience of golden sunshine, John explains what's happening when clouds seem to cover it, and how to remain oriented to your love of the sun.

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What begins as a wish to know where uniqueness belongs if we’re really all the same, opens into a detailed explanation of how consciousness confined to experience has us living in a doped-up self. John takes us beyond this into a greater depth of oneness, new for the universe, coming into us now.

Asked the ultimate question, “What happens after death?”, John answers the question in simple, yet concise terms, revealing what we really are and our sole purpose for being born. He goes on to describe the basics of what he's doing in meetings and how we can take that out into our lives, where it matters most.

“In this interview with Rishi Itzhak, John describes the essence of his teaching: how to awaken to reality, most of which is unseen by the minds of our selves and how the entrance to that reality is through the heart and the fundamental beingness of openness and softness.
Asked basic, but important questions, John explains in detail what is actual in this world but not ‘real’ in the greater context covering such topics as:
Why there is so much depression in the world. The full potential of our selves. Being around an enlightened teacher. The power of thought, will and emotion . Why fear keeps us from manifesting what we are truly meant to be
Rishi is a therapist who specializes in rebirthing and meditation, instructing students and practitioners alike. He studied at the Osho Multiversity in Poona, India, as well as in Greece and Italy. With over 20 years of experience in his field, he presently lives in Isreal with his wife and two children. He is the co-owner (with his wife) of the ‘Centre for Breath and Meditation’.”

The most powerful human engine is sexuality. The sexual fields are the magicalness of our sexuality, a magicalness that isn’t reachable and obtainable through anything that we can do in our selves. We can’t access them without deepening in our humanness: that our initial purpose of life comes from being within the heart and coming from the heart. Living from that is the revelation of our humanness. The mystery is all there in our sexuality, in the meaning of meeting and communion, connecting us to the beyond.

In this Q&A dialogue John speaks about discovering your real power, and being free of “”the perpetrator”” and “”the victim””.
This video touches on several topics including:
• The false relationship to power
• The illusory life of victim or perpetrator.
• Not using power over anyone, not relating to being overpowered by anyone.
• Discovering your real power, deeper within.
• Your only real reason for being in a body.
• The real opportunity of this life: being what you really are at any cost. That makes you oneness before you die.
• No amount of awakening gives you the slightest advantage and no kind of past or DNA inheritance gives you the slightest disadvantage.

In this video about the meaning of life, John talks about facing who you really are at the threshold of death. You being what you really are – your destiny is one with everything after this life.
The latest video from our Meaning of Life Series, John speaks on topics relating to the purpose of our lives and our real destiny, including:
• What is deeper than human. What we are isn't first human.
• Turning into what you see in the depth of a newborn.
• Nothing opens humanness like being what precedes it.
• Facing what you really are before you physically die.
• Everything that the thread of the weakest weakness holds together in your self and your life stays after you die.
• Most would rather die than be wrong, would rather die than meet the end of personal and held together meaning. Not many die being meaning.
• Dependency on your human body experience of love. A love that goes beyond the physical.
• The thread which precedes what's human is unbreakable.
• You being what you really are – your destiny is one with everything after this life.
• Anything that we are being and doing that isn't quietly seated in humanness is an illusion… it isn't human… it's inhumane. If all of this isn't perfectly clear, it will be for sure after you die.

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