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What is the Meaning of Life? Facing Who You Really Are At the Threshold of Death

When: February 27, 2017 @ 7:15pm
Where: ,

In this video about the meaning of life, John talks about facing who you really are at the threshold of death. You being what you really are – your destiny is one with everything after this life.
The latest video from our Meaning of Life Series, John speaks on topics relating to the purpose of our lives and our real destiny, including:
• What is deeper than human. What we are isn’t first human.
• Turning into what you see in the depth of a newborn.
• Nothing opens humanness like being what precedes it.
• Facing what you really are before you physically die.
• Everything that the thread of the weakest weakness holds together in your self and your life stays after you die.
• Most would rather die than be wrong, would rather die than meet the end of personal and held together meaning. Not many die being meaning.
• Dependency on your human body experience of love. A love that goes beyond the physical.
• The thread which precedes what’s human is unbreakable.
• You being what you really are – your destiny is one with everything after this life.
• Anything that we are being and doing that isn’t quietly seated in humanness is an illusion… it isn’t human… it’s inhumane. If all of this isn’t perfectly clear, it will be for sure after you die.

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