When You Know, Make it Happen

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When: July 1, 2014
Morning Meeting

Q: John, what is the best way to stay open to you? It feels like I am always blocking off our connection and then opening it again.

John: That is your relationship with what you know.

Q: Okay, so you would say you are not anything specific? It’s just about how you stay open to everything, including you?

John: It’s worth it for you to live in response to goodness. You don’t need to be in resistance to everything negative. Just live exclusively in response to goodness, always in response. You’re always knowing in goodness and you’re not making it up in goodness, you’re just responding to it everywhere you know it is.

Q: I don’t have to do something specific regarding you?

John: That’s right. The more that goodness is in form, the more specific your response is going to be and the more specific your understanding is within that response.

Q: With you it feels different than with other people.

John: That’s because I represent to you all of your deeper levels.

Q: That’s because you are new every time. Is that right?

John: When you live by goodness, you’re free of your past, so there’s not a linking back. As you’re living by goodness and in response to the goodness you know, that goodness keeps building. It collects in your sub-consciousness and it collects in your self. It builds a foundation which holds. What you build, a response to goodness, starts to become settled in your self. All of that stays. It is like a building.

Q: And also in a relationship if you are always new, right?

John: The collection of goldenness in you is going to settle. It stays.

Q: That’s all it is? It stays all by itself?

John: Yes.

Q: You don’t have to try to connect with what was there each time?

John: That’s right.

Q: What about if there was a conflict or something and then you see this person again?

John: Goldenness doesn’t disperse unless you come into that goldenness and you harden.

Q: What is disperse?

John: Broken up and pushed away.

Q: There also seems to be this kind of magnetism. For instance I didn’t really plan to come here to Edmonton, but there was a huge pull to watch you and I just knew if I didn’t go along with it I would disturb my life.

John: When you respond to your heart, you have no choice. You have no choice because you know. If you respond to that in your heart, you will make it all happen. If you’re distracted in your self to not make it all happen, then you’ll use your self to go away from that and you’ll create reasons: ‘I have to take care of this and that,’ until years go by. Don’t suffer any distractions. As soon as it’s clear in your heart, then give your self to that. Otherwise it isn’t going to happen.

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