The Unconditional Opening of Your Chakras

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When: June 22, 2015
Morning Meeting

Q: You’ve spoken about the self being undone when an energy centre opens. I often feel almost as if a bulldozer has driven through, but mostly I feel it in my face and it feels a different shape. What’s happening there?

John: Until you integrate your self, it’s your self that occupies your face. The basic muscle movements in the face are all emotional – with animals as well as humans. The micro-movements are many times more varied and more complex than the emotional movements of the self within the face. They have to do with the movement of the being in the face. This is going to be the undoing of your self and you’ll experience it in your face. It’s not a pleasant experience.

Q: I feel very vulnerable and exposed.

John: Yes.

Q: And I’d feel it there whichever energy centre is addressed?

John: If it’s addressing your self, yes.

Q: So it doesn’t always address my self?

John: Yes. Your self can be addressed in different ways: a particular energy centre can open and only that energy centre be represented in how your self is affected, or that energy centre can open and the energy centre of your throat or your third eye can be affected in your self. Then your self begins to come undone in that region of your self.

So your self also moves by all of these different energy centres, but it moves by needing to control them. It lets an energy centre open because “oh, there’s an advantage – OK, more energy”, or “oh, not quite sure now – okay, less energy”, so it’s in control. In your self you’re the gatekeeper, opening and closing the gates to serve your comfort zone. Losing control of that can be represented within just one energy centre, another, or even all of them. If it’s all of them, you could feel as if you’re going through a psychotic breakdown.

Q: It’s not that extreme for me, but I can feel as if a bomb has exploded in me or a bulldozer has destroyed everything. Then I relate to a substance … the substance of goodness. Is that good to do?

John: Yes. Then there’s a shift of orientation from one level of substance, a substance of your self, to another level of substance, that of goodness, which is also the substance of your own being. If you let that come through any of your chakras unconditionally, everything is going to change.

Q: I don’t need to know which chakras?

John: No.

Q: And I can let go of whatever’s happening in my face?

John: Yes.

Q: You speak about circumstances in life addressing a chakra. Am I always passive in that, or can I be active, somehow?

John: Yes, you can. When you awaken, that awakening addresses one or more chakras, and when you move in what you know then you’re moving energy; you’re not just opening that chakra, you’re moving energy through it. You can be active in that and not passive. In that way, you can really move what moves you and that can go very quickly.

Q: How do I do that?

John: You can move what moves you. Anything that moves you on a deeper level, a level of your being, and whatever chakra that happens to move through, you will move that level you’re awakening to in the same way that it moves you, regardless of how that may affect things in your self.

One of the first things it will affect in your self is that it will confront the perspective you have in your self that has to do with that particular chakra. Each chakra represents a different region of perspective that you have in your self, and as they all open, the movement of your being is going to change them all. Your old perspectives will be replaced by new ones that you can’t relate to in your self, but they have everything to do with what your being is like.

Q: And by moving what moves me, I open and move through the chakra?

John: Yes, and you’re also moving a different perspective that goes against the perspective that you have in your self. If you consult your self, you’ll shake your head and think “what am I doing?” But if you go by the level of your being that is moved, and you know the truth of it, then you won’t be shaking your head, you’ll just open and move what moves you.

If it were to go against everything in your self, including your goodness self, then this is still how you’ll move. It is going to remove control from the perspective that you’re accustomed to in your self pertaining to that chakra. That control is given to your being and it’s going to have real effect in your self and in your life. It will change the landscape of your self.

Q: So moving what moves me is the way to be active and accelerate this process in me?

John: Yes. If you move what moves you with all of your heart, things will happen very quickly. Your change of perspective will come about very quickly, which will, in your experience, turn your self upside down. As time goes by your self is going to reconstruct, grow and change and it will begin to function in a way that is truly right side up. At first it feels as if you’re upside down. Later you know you’re right side up and you know how to move as your being moves. You’re able to do that; you are just clear, full of substance, real goodness, and it has become your self. It’s in the transition period where you experience the vulnerability.

Q: I feel I really need to do that now. If I have a pain in my body, for example, it doesn’t matter what I feel or think about it, it’s just about moving forward. That substance of goodness you spoke of is the only thing I really have, even though I don’t understand what that is.

John: Yes. It’s all you have. You don’t really have anything you think you have in your self. As soon as you die you see how much all of that is stripped away and it’s over, whereas that goodness substance you hold to and let grow in your self doesn’t pass away when you die. You go with that; you go as that to the next. The more you develop that, the less of a transition there is when you die.

If it’s a huge transition when you die, it means that in this life you didn’t do very well; that you were full of distractions and being about everything that had little or nothing to do with your being. Then you’ll have a huge transition to go through.

If you let all of your chakras open unconditionally, and your being moves through the chakras, you’ll go through a massive transition such as you’ll go through after you’ve died but it will be real in your body, in your self and in your life. It’s going to affect everything practical, but then when you die you’ll have little or no transition because you accomplished what you came into this life for.

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