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From A Stream To A River: Your Deeper Levels Aflow

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When: October 21, 2013
Jewel Café
Where: ,

Q1: John, you've spoken about the centre of the body, and what happens in the body and how to relax. Where is it controlled from? Where is this point where I can release that to my body completely?

John: It’s controlled in your face and in your solar plexus.

Q1: In my face?

John: That’s where your self is. The solar plexus, your will, the emotional centre and in your face, where all emotion comes into. When your face belongs to your heart, it belongs to the deeper levels. This isn’t peculiar to you; it is the same for everyone and it’s noticeable in your face.

Q1: Yeah, you see that clearly.

John: It’s your style of holding. It’s not something bad but it’s visible.

Q1: But the relating to the self, is that from the whole of my body?

John: It is your whole body. Your body is basically made for your self. The way that it’s configured is the way it’s configured to your self, and your body is meant to be configured to all of the deeper levels.

If you were to open without filters and boundaries, all of the deeper levels are going to move into experience in your body, which would make your self exceedingly vulnerable. Your self would be so exposed because everything is coming through it is so delicate and so tender and sweet that in your self you would want to quickly handle it, slow this all down because it’s so much. And as soon as you slow it down, your body becomes a body of your self.

Q2: John, when there is a movement in the meeting, how can I move into that in me?

John: So there’s a movement in you? Relate directly to it. Specifically, don’t use any filters or boundaries that you have in your self to control how you relate to what’s moving in your body. Your self, with all of its filters and boundaries, is no authority. It doesn’t have the authority to deal with any deeper levels, so if you use the filters and boundaries in your self you’re shutting down the deeper levels and making your self an expert on things deeper than what your self is.

Q2: So just let it happen?

John: Yes. It’s going to touch some filters and some boundaries and as soon as it does, you realize what you don’t need, so you remove that filter and it touches something else. It touches a boundary in your self and then you’ll remove that boundary. Anything the deeper moves, anything it touches in your self, a filter or a boundary, that indicates what you don’t need in those deeper levels. So then as soon as it’s touched you remove it.

Q2: Even when it’s very uncomfortable? It’s so uncomfortable. It’s like having a heart attack. But I know it’s not that.

John: Remove the filter and the boundary.

Q2: You mean the fear?

John: The fear represents a control. The fear itself is not a boundary. The fear is like an alarm on a control system. The control system is touched and the alarm goes off. You experience fear and the control brings you back into your self. You don’t need the control.

What comes into your body of deeper levels is not a threat to your body; it’s what your body belongs to. Your body does not belong to the level of your self. It belongs to all of the deeper levels and those deeper levels will include your self, but your self will not be first. All of the deeper levels will be first and your self will be taken in. Your self will be taken in like a little bird under a wing. It will be included but it’s not going to be in charge anymore.

Q2: So every time I meet with someone and it’s moving a lot, I just let that go.

John: Let the control go. What’s difficult for your body is when you relate to a possible use of control concerning what’s moving the deeper levels in your body. That puts your body into stress. If you’re split on this, that’s hard on your body.

Q2: That makes sense. It is very hard on my body.

John: The split is hard on your body, not the deeper levels. The deeper levels moving freely in your body is healing your body.

Q2: The split would be letting the self do its game.

John: It’s not going to do anything without you empowering it. If you don’t feed it then it will rest. Whatever the self seems to be doing is you doing that in your self. If you don’t do that, your self doesn’t do it.

It’s like the owner of a dog walking. The moment the owner looks suspiciously at someone, the dog does a lot, and then as soon as the owner is fine with someone, the dog is fine. It’s not the dog; it’s the owner.

Q2: How do you call this movement?

John: Streams of goodness. It doesn’t matter what you call it. What matters is that you know it’s real and good and true. There’s way more to it than you’re experiencing. When you completely open to it, it’s not going to be a little stream moving in you. A little stream becomes a river.

In your self you would like to keep it under control so it’s just a harmless, pleasant little stream. For it to become a big river is too powerful for the comfort that you have in your self. But what you really are is all river. You’re not like a little stream; you’re like a river.


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