Opening the Chakras and the Balance of Kundalini Energy

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When: June 22, 2015
Morning Meeting

Q: We’ve been talking about chakras and were wondering about the kundalini force and its awakening. Can you speak about that?

John: When the deeper level of your nervous system is awakened because of what you’re responding to of what you know, then the movement of your kundalini is all in balance with your entire system. When you try to manipulate its opening through the use of techniques, then you’re moving it in a way that is not in balance.

Q: And kundalini energy is the deeper sexuality rising up the spine? Sometimes it feels like that.

John: Yes, but it’s more than that, too. It’s really the movement of energy in a deeper level of your nervous system. When it moves naturally, then it moves with your sexuality, it moves with your being, it moves in balance with all of your deeper levels, so everything carries it. It’s very safe.

Q: There are lots of techniques to practise moving it and I used them for a while, but I felt my nervous system couldn’t deal with it.

John: And all of those techniques are based on a self-orientation, because if there were nothing in it for the self, people wouldn’t do kundalini work. So it’s all result-oriented.

Q: When an energy centre opens, does the being come in? Does it come through one centre, or do they all open at once?

John: Whatever energy centre life addresses, that’s where your being will now come through. But that doesn’t take place without awareness opening and softening within the context of the energy centre that’s being addressed.

Q: And that directly integrates the self?

John: Yes.

Q: What happens if we don’t integrate what’s coming up? Does it just close again?

John: You may simply not let it open because if it opens it’s going to mess with your self; it’s not going to leave your self intact. If you let it open unconditionally, your being is going to move through that particular energy centre into your self and it will change reality in your self. Your self can’t stay the same way. It will change your whole perspective. You won’t be taking care of any personal investments you’ve made from old perspectives any more, because they won’t matter in the way that they used to.

Q: Would I know if something has opened up?

John: Sometimes. You may or may not understand that something has opened, or that you have opened.

Q: So we don’t need to know which energy centre is being addressed. And if we’re in our selves in dealing with any of this, that actually closes off the movement of the being?

John: If awareness opens and softens in the midst of any energy centre that life addresses, when that chakra opens it’s going to be profoundly unsettling for one’s self. That’s why before we open and soften we always check things out first: how will this and that be affected, and will things be all right? We want to work it all out until we are in total control of it and then we can push a button and say “okay, it’s all right; it can move now.” But then it’s not going to move.

Q: We’ve missed the opportunity?

John: Or we think “oh no, not that energy centre – another one!” But another one is not better, because if any centre opens it is the undoing of your self. There are seven levels, so to speak, of the different chakras; seven levels that represent how much your self needs to be undone. They’re all different regions of profound undoing.

Q: When sexuality is moving a lot, wouldn’t that normally be addressing the first or second chakra?

John: The second chakra. It’s polarized, so at first there’s an attraction or an aversion, dependent on a person’s past and what the circumstance is, but even if you have an attraction to your sexuality moving, when your second chakra opens it’s going to undo your self because it removes the control of your sexuality from your self. So it’s not about attraction and aversion anymore. Then you’re saying “yes” to your sexuality moving on the basis and on the terms of your own being. Whichever way it moves, it’s going to turn your self upside down.

Q: I know I have chosen not to let my normal sexuality move with attraction when it wasn’t from the being. Does it mean that if I did that for a while I would continue doing it? Or is there a refinement also happening?

John: Each time it will be new. The opening of a chakra, in that way, is also like the peeling of an onion.

At the heart of it is really that whatever life touches in you – and it doesn’t matter what that is, or which chakra it addresses – you open and you soften unconditionally and you let the energy move. This means that your being is free to just come up into your self and rearrange things and do things and you’re going to keep your hands off. And it’s going to turn your self upside down; the old ways in your self won’t survive if you let that happen. You begin to function from a different base. So if it’s your sexuality, your sexuality functions from a different permission, a different level, a different base, a different reason and a result that has nothing to do with your self.

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