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Love and You Will Know

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When: October 27, 2017
Morning Meeting

Q: Do I need to always relate to my heart to reach deeper levels?

John: You can relate directly.

Q: Is direct deeper?

John: Yes, you can’t go direct without your heart opening, so you open your heart and you go direct to the deeper levels and you don’t need permission from your self and you don’t need permission in your self; you don’t need any advice in your self as to whether this is all right or not; you don’t need any counsel from your self.

Q: Your heart opens anyway even if you don’t feel it? When you say direct to the being, is that different or is that still your heart opening?

John: The deeper levels are in your being.

Q: But sometimes you talk about going to the being and that isn’t going through the heart. ‘Go direct to the being’.

John: That’s different.

Q: In what way?

John: It doesn’t matter because that’s not what you were doing. What you were doing was going direct, relating directly to the deeper levels in you and the deeper levels in your body. You were moving in a way that was coming straight through and it was really strong because there wasn’t anything else occurring.

Q: Is that in any way connected to purity of heart?

John: There’s a purity of heart because you weren’t including anything of your self in you coming from deeper levels within. At that time you didn’t have any need to mix your self into it, and that is just pure.

Q: Is there anything I can do to help this with my own particular make-up?

John: Love.

Q: Love from the deepest?

John: Just love and when what you’re focused on is a deeper and deeper level, the love is going to be deeper and deeper.

Q: Is that to love my husband, love everything, or just love.?

John: You don’t need any advice from your self as to what the love is for or to whom it goes. You don’t need the filters and the boundaries in your self for you to love or for you to know how to love or whom to love. Your self can’t advise you on this; it doesn’t help you in this, so you don’t need it in this.

Q: Yes, I was kind of asking you for specific vehicles, like sometimes you say love me, sometimes love him or I didn’t know which was best.

John: Just love and you’ll know. Love without the use of any filter or boundary and you’ll know.

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