An Uneventful Burial

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When: October 27, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q: When I simply love, without referencing myself, as you said before, the deeper levels just continue to open  forever?

John: Forever is too big. When you love, then the deeper levels just open, whether that’s forever or to what extent is inconsequential.

Q: But they don’t stop?

John: Because you don’t stop. The more you open, the more it opens. It’s only in reflection in your self where you realize, ‘oh, this can go on forever,’ but there’s no use to that. Realizing that this can go on forever is all right, but it’s not going to help anything, whereas opening to love that does it because as soon as you open to love, when you open, love opens. If you open more, it opens more, so in your self you can realize, ‘oh, it continues.’ It doesn’t even matter that it continues. All that matters to you is that when you open, you love. You open more , you love more.

Q: How do you keep opening without any self referencing?

John: By valuing opening more than valuing your self.

Q: So does that relate to my dream about the funeral and the coffin? Nobody was there and the coffin was empty, but it was still a burial.

John: You know it’s time for you to let something die in your relationship with your self that’s not of use anymore. That’s why no one’s at the funeral. It’s a burial. You’re burying it. You’re letting it go. It doesn’t have to do with anyone else. It’s not real to anyone else and it’s not real to you, and that’s why you’re burying it: you’re letting it go.

Self referencing has no real relationship to anyone, so when you deeply let it go, it’s uneventful. There’s nothing special happening, just something that you know you don’t need any more and you know is not real. You cease to have any relationship to it, so it dies and you bury it.

Q:  So lately my predominant experience is just an empty heart and in that it’s very easy to see when I fool myself and other times, things will move up and through but nothing stays, and in my experience it’s empty.

John: That’s like a cleansing time, a purifying time.

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