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A Returning Energy

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When: October 27, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q: I’m very much confronted with fears in which I didn’t experience before.

John: The fear comes from a filter or a boundary that’s there. When you let go within of what’s deeper than that filter or boundary, then the mechanism in your self you’ve put in place will be activated and you’ll experience that you have just moved past something that you put in place to protect you from change. The fear compels you to go back to that boundary or that filter and to not move past it again. But what you’re responding to is deeper than that and more fundamental than your self and that enables you to just move past your self without the use of your self.

Q: You spoke of a difference between things integrating or having things as they come up pass away. I would like to know what is the difference.

John: It’s a constructive separation, just like when you die. The part that remains with you after you die is integrated into what was integrated into what you really are and it stays with you. What wasn’t integrated by you when you were living is just separated from you and becomes nothing.

Q: Where does it go then? It stays, not with me?

John: Something of it does remain because that energy returns to everything that’s not integrated in this world.

Q: Yeah, that’s what I mean, someone else has to integrate it.

John: When it dies in you while you live then it doesn’t go into that same pattern in this world; it ends in you. What’s added to this world then is that you have changed. What’s added to this world then is that you are being what you know.

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