VODs from The Edmonton Canada Summer Seminar June 25-July 8 2018

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The Big Bang and the Blossoming Bit

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“I am a biological, physiological being, available to you. You are the same, but little bits here and there. And the percentage of that is free to completely change.”

A Greater Cracking Open: John Speaks about His Movement with Women and the Calling

Category: Consciousness & Awareness

“I’ve known no greater cracking open of my person and my self than the knowing in the movement of the calling, the movement in what I come from that precedes my person, my self, the being, and existence.”

Planet Prison to Planet Soul

Category: Death,Enlightenment & Awakening

“When you’ve embodied being schooled by what’s real, schooled by direct knowledge, streaming with beingness, given all of the substance of your self, all of the substance of your person, right into life – when such schooling is in a very basic way complete, you come into a role, a role of the beyond manifested in life: a gift of the beyond, in life, to everything.”

Conductivity and True Individuality

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“Conductivity is what we’re here for, what we are developmentally here for. It’s how we develop as beings within our self-field. For anyone here, instead of noticing what is liked or disliked, what takes place within the questioner in the chair, what is noticed, recognized, responded to, and moved with is the conductivity, the deeper level conductivity of being. That directly connects into what’s being built here.”

Omnipresent You

Category: Enlightenment & Awakening

“A touch of knowing together with a newly opened resonance gives you more than any perceived connectivity that comes with understanding.”

The Seeing Brain

Category: Consciousness & Awareness

“It’s a little like looking in a kaleidoscope, with each tiny shift what you see is all different again. In the more of you opening and seeing, all of reality is available to be seen. You see it by being it. It’s belonging that sees.”

Spirit Being, Spirit Self, Spirit Person

Category: Consciousness & Awareness

“Your response is turning you – not into a being, but a celestial being.”

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