VODs from the Edmonton Winter Seminar Dec. 27, 2017 – Jan. 10, 2018

Integrating Your Humanness Within the Field of Your Self

“Real presence doesn’t come from your will and it doesn’t come from thought and feeling. It comes from gravity, given to knowing and seeing.”

“When your humanness flows in your self, the feeling of that in your self is that you are sweetly nobody and nothing.”

Free of You: Your Greatest Power

“The less that you, are the more that you are in. The less that you are, the more that you are able to do.”

“Consciousness love, moving your being love, moving your heart love.”

Interior Movements in the Beyond

“The more intense your experience, regardless of the nature of that intensity whether it is illusory or real, what is fundamentally real from the deepest is that in that intensity, you, awareness, are synapsing with knowing.”

The Flowering of Your Sexual Fields


“The opening of this flower into your self is the undoing of your whole relationship with your self. It’s the turning of your self over to the goldenness that comes into it. You lose self-purpose. It gives space for goldenness to have purpose. It’s more than just your sexuality. This is specific to your various sexual fields.”

Givenness unlocking the rooms of your heart

“As you return home within, you are returned to your innocence and you can remain in that regardless of your experience.”

The Magical Will: Ability Beyond

“The beyond is reached by your unified fields, and your unified fields moving in your self expresses its reach; the expression of the beyond in your self. The real potential of your self is all beyond.”

Opening Under Pressure: Befriending the Details of Your Life

“What I am showing you is opening and softening within seemingly even little things. When you are hanging your clothing, putting your shoes away, you are opening and softening in the doing of it.”

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