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Sexuality has to do with communion. Sexuality has to do with fundamental communication. Through sexuality you can communicate not just as a self and as a person; you can communicate as a heart; you can communicate as deeper knowledge; you can communicate as a being and you can communicate as the calling.

You can communicate as what is deeper than anything you’re familiar with. Your sexuality goes deeper than anything you have awakened to yet . If you look at how sexuality has distorted in this world, all of the extremes, all of the energy that goes into it, basically there’s no greater energy than sexuality. So when you see how far it goes on the surface in terms of distortion, that also gives you somewhat of an idea that somehow everything is all about sexuality.

Sexuality (ˌsekSHəˈwalədē)

(n.) Capacity for sexual feelings.

“she began to understand the power of her sexuality”

“Sexuality isn’t dependent on sex. You don’t need sex for sexuality because sexuality has to do with your real capacity to be one with something. So if you look at it from that perspective, it’s completely different than your experience of sexuality in terms of the appetite that chemistry brings about in your body. That’s your experience of sexuality. That’s not really what sexuality is.”  Read More.

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