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John de Ruiter Podcast 454

The Integration and Healing of Your Sexuality

September 12, 2000 @ 12:00pm

In response to a person who sees that her sexuality has deeper roots than anything she’s experienced, John explains what sexuality is really for. He describes the subtle, extraordinary capacity of our deeper sexuality to give access even into the universe.

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438 – Beyond a Daily Practice: Why Working on Your Beingness Doesn’t Work

The man in this dialogue is ready to make whatever sacrifices necessary to let go of the self and move deeper into his being. He discusses with John his various practices, and the two-edged sword of any doing to be becomes clear. Together they arrive at the only way that works.

415 – The Search for Truth Will Never Satisfy

“What am I looking for?” This questioner has been enjoying some rest from his search for liberation, but feels a familiar dissatisfaction beginning again. John’s answer reveals how the search can end once and for all.

401 – No Path, No Techniques, No Therapy: It’s All About Opening

Openings come and go, bringing with them great changes in perspective and love, yet in our selves things often stay the same. What can be done? John’s answer draws the questioner away from trying to change her self, showing her what really works: unconditional openness from the inside out.

394 – Why A Relationship Won’t Answer Your Aloneness

One of the most common misunderstandings people face is the belief that a relationship will complete them. This dialogue reveals why that isn’t so and how being fundamentally free of this misconception is the beginning of true readiness for a meaningful relationship.

390 – The Pitfalls of Interpreting Your Spiritual Experiences

This woman doesn’t understand the experiences she’s having of subtle energetic shapes and vibrations in her body. John explains why understanding doesn’t help, and shows her what really matters.

380 – Dark Entities and Lucid Dreams: At Peace in Any Circumstance

This young man has been having a distressing time with dark entities in his body, dealing with them in his lucid dreams. John reveals the antidote to his struggle, opening up the truth of what such entities are really looking for from him.

364 – Aren’t All Spiritual Teachers the Same?

Aren’t all spiritual teachers saying the same thing in different ways? Isn’t the need for a teacher actually disempowering? John describes how to discern what is true amongst our beliefs and assumptions and how the emotional need for closure keeps us from what’s true.

332 – Don’t Believe Spiritual Teachings, Believe Only You

So many teachings, so many opportunities for confusion: how to know what to follow? In the end, it’s only you, listening to your inner tuning fork that can direct you to what is worth believing.

326 – A Spiritual Path Won’t Take You Home

Though it’s true that walking a spiritual path can get you closer to what you’re searching for, it may be the very thing that ultimately separates you from returning to your true home.

320 – I’ve Had a Spiritual Awakening. What’s Next?

A young woman is exploring a powerful awakening that opened her to a sense of oneness with the universe and enlightenment. John supports her in the newness of her experience with vivid analogies, encouraging and guiding her in how to carry this forward in her life.

304 – What is a Master of Truth?

This young woman speaks the uncertainty of many in today’s spiritual marketplace. She wants to give her heart away to truth, but experience has revealed that many teachers are untrustworthy. John reveals the differences between a teacher of truth and one completely mastered by truth; to listen to all but to give her heart only to what she genuinely knows.

289 – What is Grace?

Listen to this talk to find out what grace and devotion really are; where they come from, what they’re for, and how to live for what you belong to.

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