John de Ruiter Podcast 485

John de Ruiter Podcast 485

Real Community: A Location of Oneness

When: June 29, 2014 @ 2:00pm
How is a community formed if it’s not moved by intention? A question about love opens a conversation about the oneness at the heart of real community.
“This profound togetherness enables the building and the forming of meaning. By that, there is in this world a location of oneness.”
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Podcast Transcript

Real Community: A Location of Oneness

Q: You spoke to me saying that there’s never a reason to leave the heart.

John: There’s never a real reason. There are endless reasons, none of them real.

Q: Really loving that and living that is a death to the old self or an old way of relating, and in that I am changing my relationship with death. I also asked you what real community is and you said for us to be together as we would after we’ve died.

John: In that shift of relating, you begin to relate from deeper levels in you and, without even understanding, you love.

Real community is when people relate to each other from their hearts. That’s the beginning of real community. It’s the doorway to it. As the deeper levels are awakened to and the deeper levels are identified with, awareness is at home in them. As awareness is at home in the deeper levels, these deeper levels awaken in the body. They become real in the body.

As they become real in your body, it becomes real in your experience in your self what is worth relating from and what you are able to find in others. What develops, then, on the level of community is a networking of deeper levels, a networking of the levels of your being – meaning having form amongst us, form and movement, that isn’t informed by our selves. It isn’t moved by intention; it moves by response. When you are in response to all you know, all of you, within all of the different levels in you, come together.

After you’ve died, the way that you’ll meet and relate to others will be by the levels of your being. It will be by all of the various forms of your being, all of the streams of your being. You’ll be them and you’ll move as them. What is occurring here introduces that while we all live.

As the veils of illusion pass away because of full response to the heart and to what is directly known in the heart, the veils of the unseen begin to dissolve, and instead of your own being being unseen, your being becomes seen to you and you begin to see it in others. Your response to others is based on that.

A togetherness emerges that is profoundly natural, but not of this world. The purpose of this isn’t for profound community. It is for togetherness based on what our being is
like. This profound togetherness enables the building and the forming of meaning.
By that, there is in this world a location of oneness. There is no language spoken like how a pool of oneness speaks.

Our cohesiveness isn’t dependent on our selves being sorted out together. It’s dependent on our deeper levels awakened and that we are in full response to that, enabling the deeper levels of our body to be realized, and our beings are then palpable together. We are then together because our beings are so real.

As that is what we are, what we are together, our reason for being together begins. What reality is now ready for is able to be manifest in us together.

Q: I’m experiencing the exquisiteness of this in the body. I’ve for most of my life longed to know what it is to be fully alive.

John: To be fully alive is for your being to be made fully physical. Then your being moves in this world as your body does. As a being, you then fully comprehend experience. In comprehending it, experience is what you then move as a being. The experience of what you are in full form, on the level of form that is in this world, is moved in this world. To be fully alive is for you to be a physicalized being in this world.

Q: And that comes about through complete response.

John: And not through anything else. Anything else is there to compete because it compares. Full response knows no comparison. There is nothing that moves together like full response to levels, within, that are deeper than our selves. As that becomes real, we are oneness in practice.

Q: Why do you say “in practice?”

John: In practice because it is all functional from within our bodies. It has real effect in a way that is measurable. Oneness manifested in this world isn’t measured by this world; it is measured in this world. That is this world’s real change.

Q: Is this my life’s work, our life’s work?

John: Because it is introduced to you, yes. That it is being introduced here makes the invitation real here. Oneness is coming into location. Dearness so thick that what touches it sticks to it. When a drop of water meets a drop of water, they’re no longer two.


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