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John de Ruiter Podcast 390

John de Ruiter Podcast 390

The Pitfalls of Interpreting Your Spiritual Experiences

When: March 30, 2020 @ 12:00pm
This woman doesn’t understand the experiences she’s having of subtle energetic shapes and vibrations in her body. John explains why understanding doesn’t help, and shows her what really matters.
“Understanding isn’t what will help you, but you being absorbed by depth and quality. The greater the depth and the greater the quality, the more it is the same as what you really are.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Pitfalls of Interpreting Your Spiritual Experiences

Q: There were a few different streams that I have experienced in the past month or so, and one of the experiences was that I had like a triangle shaped form moving from my body, forward. And later there was another triangle formed in my body, and that triangle was moving its power downwards. One of the mornings I woke up from feeling how this planet moves. I wonder if being more aware of these kinds of nourishments will make it easier or better to be what’s standing behind it.

John: Yes, as long as you don’t frame it.

Q: So if I don’t frame it, how would you put it in words?

John: As long as you don’t give it a frame of reference. Don’t look for a frame of reference in your understanding. Then you are in it just as it is; you’re not adding anything to it. You’re not making it for your self, or about your self. As soon as you frame it, you add something to it that isn’t really a part of it. That changes it.

Q: So what else can I know about it, other than not framing it? Everything that I tap into, there are so many levels.

John: Let it absorb you without you giving any of it interpretation.

Q: Is it true that when we sleep, the truth that we are is able to make frequency? And when we’re awake, if we’re being what we really are then we are able to emanate it?

John: It isn’t while you sleep. When you are asleep you’re back into your self. It’s when you reach the tipping point to sleep that you are the most what you really are. Before you fall asleep you’re most easily in your self, and as soon as you fall asleep, after you are asleep, you are also in your self – in the underside of your self. When you’re awake you’re in the top, conscious side of your self.

When you lie down to go to sleep, as you near sleep, your self is dissipating. In that dissipation you naturally return to your heart, and as you come even closer to sleep, you go deeper within than your heart and you return to being what you really are. As soon as you fall asleep you flip into the underside of your self. When you are awake you are in the topside, conscious side of your self.

Q: The first time that I saw a light I was just falling asleep and when I woke up I felt this vibration. I wasn’t understanding what that vibration was.

John: What matters is what was the depth and the quality of it? The greater the depth and the greater the quality of it, the more you just let it have you. If it’s a vibration with the depth and the quality of it being greatly reduced, so that the vibration is in sync with your self, then that’s not worth being absorbed by. Being absorbed by that makes you more of your self, instead of more of you.

Understanding isn’t what will help you, but you being absorbed by depth and quality. The greater the depth and the greater the quality, the more it is the same as what you really are, so then you begin to attune to depth and quality instead of understanding. The depth and the quality, with your givenness to it, takes you right into what you really are. With you being attuned to depth and quality, you find the same as what you really are, naturally, in others and all around you.

If you’re limited to an understanding, a teaching, a seeing, then you will project meaning onto your self, onto the truth within, onto others, and onto everything around you, which separates you from what you really are.

Q: When I sense these vibrations and they create movement, and then this movement has an image, I just sit in its vibration without asking to understand it?

John: Yes. As soon as you ask to understand it you’ll easily be patterned in your movement. You’ll come back into your habituated self, which is the reliance on understanding, and the reliance on understanding, the need of understanding, puts you into projecting meaning onto an experience. So in that way you artificialize your experience. You project your past onto your experience instead of the immediate and the real; you directly absorbed by depth and quality, without stopping to look for what that may mean to your self.

That depth and that quality doesn’t come from your self. It relates directly to you; it appeals to you. As you go within, in that depth and that quality, the going within, the vibration, has nothing to do with your self. Your self isn’t factored in until what you are being within comes out into expression. That has to do with your self, and it brings what you really are into your self, into expression. You being that depth and that quality in your self as you are coming out into expression makes your self like you.

If you’re relating to an understanding, then that relationship, that way of relating to understanding, which is relating to your self, makes your self more like what your self already has been like. So it strengthens your self, separating you from the depth and the quality.

Q: It seems like every movement has the potential to become some kind of a lesson, like a way of seeing the self.

John: If you’re oriented to that, that will put you back into your self. The real seeing of your self doesn’t come from your self. It comes from you being what you really are, in your self. The seeing of your self comes from you, being what you really are in your self. Looking at your self, needing to see your self, is you then seeing your self from your self, instead of from what you really are.

When you see your self from your self, you’re blind to the reality of your self. You won’t see your self as it is. You’ll be experiencing what you project onto your self. You’ll see your self through your past.

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