John de Ruiter Podcast 391

John de Ruiter Podcast 391

Healed and Whole: 40 Days to A Higher Consciousness

When: April 13, 2020 @ 10:00am
Many are able to perceive a higher frequency of consciousness than the vibration of this world, but is it possible for us to turn into that? It’s possible, and will happen quickly at our physical death. John describes how, in just 40 days, it’s possible to move into this higher frequency while we live.
“It’s a forty-day, quiet death-cleanse: you, going through the death of everything that you’ve invested in your self, that you’ve made physical in your body; a whole life of self and artificial meaning. It leaves you, in all of your forms, clean, whole and healed.”
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Podcast Transcript

Healed and Whole: 40 Days to A Higher Consciousness

Q: When you were talking about the vibrational quality, or the vibrational nature of true knowledge, it seems to me when I’m experiencing reality, I’m experiencing it more in a vibrational sense. Is it a true happening, that?

John: Yes.

Q: Can you explain that a bit more?

John: It’s by you being the vibrational difference; the vibrational difference between what your self, your world, the world is like and the vibration of what you really are, the vibration of consciousness, which has nothing to do with your self, your world, your life, the world. You being this other depth and quality of vibration.

The higher the frequency of vibration that you’re being in the midst of all of your life, all of your self, in the midst of everything is how fast everything will change.

Q: So the question I come up with now is how do I become this higher frequency?

John: Without participation in any other vibration. For your experience, that’s like a multi-leveled vibrational dying. You being the higher while through your mind, your self, your thinking, your feeling, your will, your emotions, your nervous system, your body, your senses – all of that acting on you – while you are being what’s higher than all of it, is in your experience like the dying of everything. It’s the cleaning of everything.

Q: How does one handle that?

John: In the same way that you will handle dying. You’re going to die. You’ll go through all of this but in an extremely short period of time.

Q: What do you mean by “an extremely short period of time?”

John: When you actually die. You’ll complete, in all of this, by virtue of your death. You’ll handle it. You’ll be in it. It will all take place, and in maybe three minutes, you’ll be washed clean of all of it.

If you so clearly, cleanly, stop partaking of your self, stop eating of like and dislike, it’ll take you perhaps forty days to be cleaned, to go through what you’ll go through in about three minutes when you die. Forty days is fast.

You’ll go through wave after wave, and each wave is different from the other. Wave after wave of loss. It’s a slow motion, forty-day perishing of all artificial meaning, all held-together meaning, stored in your body that’s been made one with your nervous system.

Q: My self would be terrified, so what in me will allow me to move into that?

John: Core-splitting honesty. Deadly honesty. Deadly honesty lived for about forty days. Forty days of you absolutely not feeding on your self, forty days of you not feeding off of what you think, what you feel, what you want, what you don’t want. Forty days of absence of feeding on your self, feeding on anything that affects your sense of self.

That’s a deadly kind of honesty within, where in all of that, nothing distracts you and it’s not because of any kind of holding of your self together, not because of any kind of resistance to your self or resistance to others, or resistance to this world. It’s a level of vibration, a height of vibration that’s higher than all of it, and you’re quieted in that. You’re actually being that, despite everything.

It’s a forty-day, quiet death-cleanse: you, going through the death of everything that you’ve invested in your self, that you’ve made physical in your body – a whole life of self and artificial meaning; the cleaning of it all, which leaves you, in all of your forms, whole. Clean, whole, and healed.

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