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John de Ruiter Podcast 389

John de Ruiter Podcast 389

The Evolution of Consciousness: The World in Reaction, The Universe in Response

When: April 16, 2020 @ 11:00am
This woman asks John for the meaning of an unusual vision and the words that came with it. What follows is an extraordinary journey into the roots of our human beingness, the development and role of our sexuality, and the complete change of consciousness needed for our return.
“You are turning into what you’ve come from. The universe, the planet, nature, are turning into what they came from. The consciousness of form is changing.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Evolution of Consciousness: The World in Reaction, The Universe in Response

Q: Several mornings ago, it was as if I were shown a body part. It was a sexual anatomy, both female and male anatomy, merged, and undeveloped. It was as if I was shown that being activated. There were the words: “the upload occurs in the activation of this.” Then I googled male and female sexuality and anatomy in the fetus, and I learned that it was real in the development of human sexual anatomy, in that all humans start out as female, and that the male and female anatomy initially is undifferentiated, and then it develops. And I have no understanding of this. Will you give me any insights about the upload occurs in the activation of pre-differentiated sexuality, and how that is connected to my consciousness? Or is it a matter of time and development?

John: When you return to what you come from, you go through a fundamental, not just a shift of consciousness, but a fundamental change. It’s a change of consciousness, returning, changing from a human being to what is before a human being, what you came from; the return to what you were before you became a human kind of being.

When you came in, you were not a human being. You entered the sphere of human beingness by virtue of coming into your mother’s body. A being, not a human being. What you were was being downloaded into form, but there wasn’t yet the crossover, the turning of consciousness, the change of consciousness, from the kind of being that you were to a human being.

Coming into form, a different form of being, shifts the substance of your relating to a very direct relating as a being, but it’s different. It’s the substance of human beingness. As you are downloaded into form, into a body, you are completely different from all that you’re in. You’re not the same. You download into what is, for you, alien form – not as in “an alien” but alien to what you are. You start shifting as a being into a different kind of being, so your relating starts to change. There’s an uploading of human beingness into you through the activation of your sexuality while your body is developing in the womb. In your sexuality being activated, your body being activated in its sexual development, there’s the uploading into you, a being – not a human one – the uploading of human beingness; the movement, the being-movement of human intimacy, the intimacy of human beings. It’s in the activation of your sexuality, which makes the human being physical; not separate from the physical, fused into the physical.

Because there’s such physicality to human beingness, that begins eclipsing the substance of what you were as a being that is free of physicality, coming into physicality in this other kind of beingness, what makes you then an other kind of being from what you were. It’s you fusing with physicality. It’s a downloading into form and an uploading of a different kind of beingness that is intensely physical that’s being uploaded into you. It’s a change of you. It’s a change of how your consciousness moves, a change of what your consciousness is. It’s much denser, denser than the consciousness you were, the kind of being you were. But the potential of consciousness is higher in the physicality.

Q: Why?

John: Shifting into a physical kind of being, a being that’s fused in form, everything, all of your movement as a being, is so instantly dense, so instantly measurable. Each of its different movements is instantly differentiated from its other movements because there’s so much form to it. You lose a high spectrum of consciousness and you come into a lower spectrum of consciousness that, in its breadth, has a much greater potential because of what is differentiated in physicality.

The uploading continues in all of your physical development, your sexual development in the womb, and after you’re born, your fusion into form is even faster increased because there’s no longer being isolated in a beingness-communication between you, a being, and your mother, a being – a being, but mostly covered. That wasn’t a limitation to you, a being, when you were inside of her body. You related to her, a being, in the only way that you were able to: through remnants of what you were, fast being erased, eclipsed, by the kind of being and consciousness that you’re turning into, fully moving as a being, increasingly more as a human kind of being. After you’re born, you’re being interacted with from the outside in, instead of only from the inside to the inside; directly, being to being, inside of one body.

After you’re born, fusion of beingness into form fast increases because you’re also being interacted with from outside of your body by a self, a person so much more dense than human beingness. The more dense your human beingness becomes, the more you’re able to relate to your mother. You keep turning into, through greater and greater layers of density, a being becoming physical. In that denser relating, you begin to recognize increasingly, through will and emotion, feeling and thought. That’s the density of form that’s relating to you that has much human beingness in it, particularly when, in your development after you’re born, you are so little and absolutely dependent, which creates an influx of beingness in your mother. She’s relating to you from a more, a greater, a more physical beingness than what her self is like, what her life and person are like. But she’s still being the other, the self, the person, which brings you into the development of the same. With your home base, within, being that of a being, you’re developing as a human being and you’re also developing as a self and a person that is different from the human being, but that the human being moves through.

In this change of consciousness that you’re coming into, a consciousness turning into a different consciousness, it isn’t just a shift in consciousness; it’s a change of one kind to another kind. You went through that in coming in. You’re going through the reverse of that in what you are now coming into, but this is occurring before you die. You are turning into a different physicalized life than what you were born into.

As you are relating, awareness relating directly into what you know, not informed by your life, your person, your self or even your heart, you, awareness, move from one kind of consciousness back into the consciousness that you were before. The change is as smooth as you, awareness, are being what you know. Where you’re not, then your consciousness isn’t free to change, while something is already turned of your consciousness into that of a different kind. It will create a tension in your form, in your nervous system, in your self. Your self isn’t able to turn into something completely different if you are not, if you are not cleanly in that turning, as awareness, from one kind of consciousness to another.

What enables the turning is you, awareness, being knowing, and as you know differently because of being brought into a different kind of consciousness, as you are being knowing, your consciousness changes, which alters, changes, what you are as awareness: no longer just a human being, aware, in self and in person, but you come into a completely other kind of consciousness, turning you into a completely other kind of awareness.

With each turning, because you’re still alive, you’re still in a body, in physicality, as soon as you move in your form, what you have turned into is fusing into form, fusing into your human beingness, your self, your person, your life, fundamentally changing the consciousness of your forms. Not just shifting your awareness in your forms, but your altered consciousness, you turning from one kind of consciousness to another, opens up your awareness to be both kinds, both completely different kinds of being: two different beings. It’s through movement, in your form, in your life, that the one that you’re being turned into, which is very other-than human beingness, is infusing your human beingness, infusing the substance of your self, your person and your life. Through your movement, in life, the two completely different kinds of consciousness and the two different kinds of being are forming as one.

The greatest power in that forming is the same as it was when you first came in, into your mother’s body, into form. The uploading into you, this different kind of beingness, turning into a different kind of being, was through the activation of your sexual body. And because you’re in that body, that human beingness and that kind of consciousness, you are uploading into you. In returning to that, you, a human being kind of consciousness, are being brought into what is completely other-than: other than what you are as a being, other than what you really are. The crossover point is in you, awareness, knowing. In the crossing over, you know. It’s the very first of you knowing that this also, that you’re coming into that is so other, is you. As you remain one, awareness one with direct knowledge, you naturally come straight into this other to the same measure that you’re awakening to it. As soon as you know, you’re in.

This highly magnifies and differentiates between beingness in you, which doesn’t persuade, and your other powers, powers of will and emotion, thought and feeling, that do move by persuasion. So you’re left distinguishing between what is persuading you and what directly, as beingness, draws you. The persuasion of your self, your personality, others, the world, isn’t the same as you are – you, a being. As you are giving over to that persuasion, when you were very little, you leave being what you really are, a being, a human kind of being, to being those powers of persuasion: great powers of being able to conform and to perform. As you are turning again into a different kind of consciousness and a different kind of being, these powers of persuasion are still acting on you – yours, those of others – and it’s all represented in this world. Everything acts on it, activates it. It isn’t natural to you in your human beingness, and it also isn’t real to what you really are. It’s all an imposition. But as you are turning into a different kind of consciousness and a different kind of being, the imposition of your self, the selves of others and this world becomes greatly magnified.

With the much greater magnification, your middle ground as awareness is much less than what it used to be. It was easier for you to mix between what’s the real – your beingness, what you really are – and you, awareness, mixing also into your persuasive powers, and also your capacity to be, then, persuaded, which is the removal from what you really are. Your middle ground, how much of the two that you’re able to mix is getting less and less because the magnification so brings out in you the great difference between the two: how artificial the one, and how real and true the other.

As this magnification increases, the greatness of the turning, you turning into a different kind of consciousness and a different kind of being increases, but as you register and reference what is persuasive, as you reference your powers of persuasion and the powers of being able to be persuaded, as you reference your self, you’ll also much more strongly adhere to your self. You really begin to experience that you are not free to be both at the same time; that either one that you directly relate to, you much more powerfully turn into.

As you start to turn into a different consciousness and a different kind of being, that opens up the deeper levels of your self, which increases the powers of your self, the powers of persuasion from others to your self, and from your self to you, which brings you into a depth of experiencing your powers of self, the subconscious powers of persuasion that you were unconscious of before. As you become conscious in them, in your experience it’ll feel like your self is getting worse and worse. It isn’t getting worse; you’re just experiencing it for what it really is. As you’re changing from one kind of consciousness to another and, with that, one kind of being to another, your self is opening. You’re coming into the greater potential of your self.

As you are mixed, as you’re being a mixture of the real and the artificial, these deeper levels of your self open, but you’ll perceive them through the polarity in the surface level of your self. You’ll give it all interpretation, so the deeper levels of your self that are opening will serve to harden your presence in the surface of your self. So you not only begin to see your self as it actually is in its conditioning, but the surface layering of your self will worsen in the density of its polarization. But as you are being this other kind of consciousness and other kind of being, in your movement, in form, this higher consciousness that you’re turning into is fusing into your consciousness as a human being, and is fusing into the opening of your self and its deeper levels, infusing your self with not just real consciousness, but a much higher kind of consciousness, a very different kind of consciousness. It’s the unfolding of your self in all of its actual potential from the inside out. It is a fundamental change of your self, of what your self is. Your self is made for this whole different turning-into of another consciousness and another kind of being.

Your self isn’t limited in this. Your self matches you. If you are limiting you, awareness, even somewhat to the persuasive powers of your self, your powers of being able to be persuaded, if some of you remains given to that, that’s the limitation also of your self. Your self won’t be able to turn unless you are all turning, based only on direct knowledge, to you, awareness; you, awareness, one with knowledge. That’s what makes the entire shift from being one kind of consciousness to another kind of consciousness, and one kind of being to another kind of being. And then from a worldly self that registers everything through polarity, control and persuasion, to a completely other kind of self that is able to move in all of that as a different kind of consciousness and a different kind of being, manifesting in self form, manifesting in worldly form, but not at all controlled. Not subject to persuasion, yet able to move in it all; a different consciousness moving in a different kind of being, through a self that is becoming exactly the same, bringing change by being that change, manifesting it right in the midst of everything that recognizes only through persuasion and control, bringing density of change in this world that isn’t subject to the system’s control; that in its substance isn’t able to be controlled by what makes this world this world. Yet the movement of this changes this world.

This world doesn’t respond. It, by nature, reacts. It’s only humanness, in people, in this world, that responds. It’s a fundamental change of the people, which is a change of this world. The planet, nature, the universe of the planet, also respond. All of this change of consciousness, the universe of the planet in all that it is, responds. There will be a change of the people and the change of the planet, of nature, of everything that’s real, opened into a higher consciousness, turning into a higher consciousness.

You are turning into what you’ve come from. All of these turnings activate the universe, activate the planet, activate nature. The universe, the planet, nature, is turning into what it came from, without being less form. There’s a change of form. The consciousness of form is changing. Everything, we all, are in a very different time: the change of everything, the turning of everything.

The first uploading that you were in, in coming into form, was through your sexuality. Your turning into a different consciousness, a different kind of being, is also uploaded into you through your sexuality. It’s greatly magnified in your sexuality – a different kind of sexuality. Instead of a sexuality that has come under the control of polarization and persuasion control, the control of persuasion, sexuality that changes and is controlled, infused by, taken over by consciousness; a sexuality not subject to persuasion, not subject to polarization. Its measurable change, the way that it reflects in a way that is seen, is sexuality that, instead of being able to be persuaded, moves as humanness – a human being, direct kind of intimacy. It registers in a new sexuality. It registers the being in the whole body, a human being that moves, celestially, in this world.

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