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John de Ruiter Podcast 549

Soul Food: Difficulty and Pressure in a Polarized World

September 20, 2015 @ 2:00pm

“The food for your soul while you’re in a body is difficulty and pressure.” John explains why this is so, why the soul is so difficult to see until after we die, and what our soul’s evolution is dependent on.

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544 – Evolving as Pure Awareness in War and Peace

An epic conversation that reveals what we’re here for, how to help people suffering the effects of war, what can change the planet, and why it’s up to us.

533 – Evolving as Awareness: The Fast Track

“Growth is painful.” John is referring to the inevitability of difficulty, pain or suffering as awareness evolves, and why its evolution is the greatest opportunity of this life.

459 – Deeper than Human: What Remains After Death

A rich and unusual dialogue on the subject of love, death and real humanness. We’re shown the fineness of the thread that can change our destiny, and what it is that stays with us after we die.

450 – Entering the Next: Growing Older, Reconceived

The woman in this dialogue is standing at the threshold of elderhood and needs to discern what’s next for her. John invites her beyond all familiarity into a deeper level, where she would be reconceived by her own deepest knowing, and live as what she will know when she dies.

449 – A Change of Heart, A Change of Destiny

Is there such a thing as life purpose, and do we have unique gifts to bring? John answers fundamental questions on what real destiny is and how it can change as we live.

446 – A Different Kind of Heart: Completely Changed, Completely Real

In direct connection with John, this woman notices her heart and mind opening newly. John describes the price of having such a heart in everyday life, and why that cost is really nothing.

431 – You Are Made for So Much More

Unusual experiences that seem to come out of nowhere prompt the woman in this dialogue to seek John’s perspective. What’s happening and how can she live what she has newly awakened to in the busy-ness of her everyday life?

429 – Manifesting Your Soul in Your Life

“I need to know more about my soul.” So begins this finely detailed dialogue with John describing the soul, how it develops, and all that must harmonize to manifest its value in our life and with others.

405 – Die Before You Die: Living as Pure You

This man both loves and fears a space in which he loses interest in the world, asking himself how, in the midst of that, he will pay the bills? And what does John mean when he says “die before you die?” A reassuring, inviting dialogue about what we’re really here for.

393 – Are You Ready For The Ultimate Truth?

In this dialogue, a young man says he’s ready for ultimate truth, and learns from John what that would actually require.

370 – What Happens After We Die?

Asked the ultimate question, “What happens after death?”. John answers the question in simple, yet concise terms, revealing what we really are and our sole purpose for being born. He goes on to describe the basics of what he’s doing in meetings and how we can take that out into our lives, where it matters most.

344 – Your Hopes and Dreams Are Really a Prison

Popular culture asserts that your hopes and dreams are what give your life purpose. But what if looking for a meaningful life through the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams is actually a prison of your own making? Becoming free is the difference between looking for meaning and being the meaning that you really are.

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