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John de Ruiter Podcast 449

John de Ruiter Podcast 449

A Change of Heart, A Change of Destiny

When: May 30, 2018 @ 7:00pm
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Is there such a thing as life purpose, and do we have unique gifts to bring? John answers fundamental questions on what real destiny is and how it can change as we live.
“With each shift of awareness that takes you deeper within, there is a change of your entire destiny and its trajectory.”
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Podcast Transcript

A Change of Heart, A Change of Destiny

Q: Hello. Would you speak of purpose and destiny, please?

John: If one’s way in life hinges on a self-identity then one’s purpose in life will be self- oriented. Within any life that is self-oriented, that person’s sense of destiny will be run by an illusion. The self is actual, it’s not an illusion, but awareness within the self oriented to the self, is a fundamental separation from a deeper heart-centredness and a truth-centredness. The real begins in the heart. It doesn’t start in the self. The self is actual, but it being actual doesn’t make it real. It’s what we are being in our selves that makes our self real or not real.

The destiny within a self-orientation, a life of self-orientation, means that when you die everything that you’ve invested in your self shows for what it is as being not real. So when you die, everything you’ve invested in your self: a self-identity, the self-esteem, the comfort, the acquirements, all of the development of one’s self, all passes away. There’s no permanence in it because it’s not real.

As there is a shift in awareness within the self to belonging to the heart and to what we deeply know the truth of within the heart, the presence of that is real and how that develops in our selves is real, and stays with us after we have died. Real destiny starts from within the heart and manifests in our selves and stays with us after we have died.

There are levels of destiny. The first is from within the heart, with the heart opening and softening and that we are being that way within our selves. The heart is like an open door, a door to our being. As we are, as awareness, being what we know within our hearts, that takes us deeper and deeper into our being. With each level of our being that we are coming from, and being as within our selves, that is a level of destiny. As soon as we shift from one level of our being to a deeper level of our being, we shift into deeper and deeper levels of real destiny.

Real destiny isn’t limited to life. Its continuum is in our lives, in our selves, through our whole life and isn’t affected by dying. When we die, the destiny that we were in because of the level deeper than our selves that we were living as and coming from, being, when we die the experience of that destiny greatly opens. Anything that we couldn’t see of what we were being, we really see, and everything that we’ve been that was real becomes completely known, understood, seen.

From within your destiny, after you have died you will know within all of your destiny, perfectly. With each shift of awareness that takes you deeper within, there is a change of your entire destiny and its trajectory.

Q: I’ve experienced a huge shift, a giving-into an opening, and more clarity on what it is that I am to do, and there’s still the questioning of the ever-sophisticated ego mind, and there’s nothing more than to live a purposeful life in service. Is there something you could say about where I’m at?

John: You don’t really need a purposeful life. All you really need is a clean, clear heart that is your presence in all of your life.

Q: So it makes no difference to do work that can contribute to raising awareness in other persons, or to find any job and just remain open and soft?

John: It makes little difference. It doesn’t really matter much what you do. What really matters is what you are being in what you do. What the ego is, is just a sense of self- importance. In what it is, there is no complexity. The ego is fundamentally simple. It’s the investment of meaning within the sense of self.

Q: But when you start really hearing, you’re really listening in and there’s a calling, there’s such a fine subtlety there that I’m not…

John: Within really listening, within, there is no self-importance. Where you are deeply, genuinely listening, within, there is no ego. There’s just the continuity of realness.

Q: So there’s no such thing as a life purpose aside from remembering that we are love.

John: Our life purpose is to live what is unseen and all within into everything that is seen. We turn our selves, the form of our selves, into everything within that’s deeper than our selves. Our life’s purpose is to live as a being that has a heart, a self, personality and a whole life.

The illusion is to be a personality or a self that has a heart and somewhere within has a being, ever striving to enter what seems so separate, so difficult to access. As soon as we are gentled and quieted within our heart, there we’re no longer being a personality and a self. What we are being is the beginning of the same as our own being; that openness and softness of heart is real beingness, the same beingness as our own being. It’s that beingness that gives us entrance to our being.

Q: And the fact that my seeing is developing and I’m seeing you in various shifting forms and faces is a sign of being more in my being?

John: You’re opening. You’re dropping much more deeply within. Your whole way of relating isn’t to your self. It isn’t to what you’re familiar with in your life. It is to levels deeper, within. Because you’re in that, your whole perception of reality shifts and opens to match what you are in and what you are being. So then you see differently.

Sense perception has as many levels to it as there are levels of you. All of your senses open as you do. You can’t see the reality of being without coming from that.

Q: What if the listening is very clearly pointing to a specific activity, professional activity to be doing?

John: In this world it means a lot but that whole level of meaning, on its own, is not real.

Q: Do we not all have unique gifts?

John: In our selves we have strengths and weaknesses. As we develop our selves and if we are in some way separate from the heart and everything deeper, we will naturally gravitate to our strengths and avoid our weaknesses. We perceive within those strengths greater measures of ability. We perceive advantage. We perceive a giftedness. Without a being filling that, it’s actual but it’s not real. This world is very actual and it’s not real.

Careers not filled with a being are careers that are not real. That doesn’t make them bad; they are all really okay. But that doesn’t make them something. That doesn’t make it real.

As soon as you are even a little bit coming from your heart in the midst of a career, that’s real, and then there is a little bit of realness seeping into your career.

Q: What if the activity is to transmit tools or ways, in a humble way, to help others awaken from the illusion, from societal conditionings, etc.?

John: If you’re being what’s deeper within than your self in all of that, it’s your own beingness that makes what you’re doing real. But it still doesn’t matter much what you do.

Q: Could you show me my destiny?

John: Your destiny is fast changing as you come further and further in, but that doesn’t mean that it stays. It only stays, as you, awareness, are staid in it.

Q: Thank you, so very much.

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