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John de Ruiter Podcast 479

John de Ruiter Podcast 479

You: A Being

When: July 1, 2021 @ 7:30pm
A lively dialogue full of questions and answers, wrestling with the fundamental questions of what we are, why we’re here, and how it’s possible to be a pure being in a physical body.
“You will be what you are after you’ve died while you live. So real in all that is so not real.”
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Podcast Transcript

You: A Being

Q: I wanted to ask about the being, because in the physical body we have this nervous system, the consciousness, so how can we become this pure being in this physical body?

John: It is what you’re in a body for.

Q: We are in this physical body in order to experience the pure being?

John: To be a being, with this much form, in this much form, with this much density.

Q: What is the purpose of this?

John: Because of such a great level of unintegrated density, to be in so much form that isn’t like the being: your genetics, your self, the world. To remain a being within myriad distractions causes you, a being, to naturally draw from all of your depth. To naturally draw from all the real resources, within, brings all that resource, levels and levels of you, up into your body, your self, your life because that’s the environment within which you are being a being.

Q: And are we all the same being, or different?

John: The same and different.

Q: What motivates the being, or there is no motivation?

John: No motivation. It naturally moves in all that it is, as all that it is.

Q: And if it moves, it means it’s changing or it’s staying the same?

John: Basically staying the same. But if it moves in the midst of difficulty, it changes.

Q: So we shouldn’t be trying to feel or experience this pure being. We just need to be this being without trying.

John: Yes, and you can’t use your self, your learning, your past to be what doesn’t come from any of that. Whatever you use, you are being. If you use your learning, you are being only your learning.

Q: So someone somehow needs to go deeper within, beyond the intellect, beyond the feeling.

John: Beyond absolutely all familiarity, returning to being the same that you see in a newborn baby’s eyes. You don’t see a self, a person. You don’t see a human being. You do see something being, and it is so far removed from anything to do with your self, your life. But as you start to meet with it, you begin being something that your whole life isn’t familiar with, a level of you alien to familiarity.

Q: Why we cannot stay as a newborn baby? Why we have to go through going to the self and trying to go back to this pure being?

John: You don’t have to. As awareness you can remain just as that while your genetic self and personality develop.

Q: So it can be so different?

John: Yes. Being what you really are fully in the midst of all of your self, in all of the world, without you being any of that. What you are being is just what you really are. And just by virtue of being that, in all of your forms, your forms turn into the same as you. They become as you are. Your self will perfectly reflect what you are being in it, whether what you are being in your self is illusory and false or real and true. So lovely.

Q: So you can also be the being and also experience and feel the being with the self and all become one.

John: Yes. Or, even more wondrously, being what you really are without experiencing it.

Q: So you are not aware of being the being.

John: That’s correct.

Q: And once you become the being, you can stay like this?

John: Yes.

Q: Or it disappears and you come back to the self?

John: No. When you don’t experience the results in your self of you being what you really are, your existence in life is predominantly that of deep, quiet, nurturing, blind centredness: what you really are, all there, in your self, in your life, unadorned, not adorned with your self, not adorned with your life. The quietude of love without any understanding to support it, to hold it, to help it. Just beautifully blind, so clear.

Q: So so clear to the being, but it’s not clear to the self, to the intellect? It has to go through suffering or challenge or difficulties?

John: It doesn’t have to. But the more that it goes through of difficulty, the more deeply it naturally draws from what it really is. It doesn’t draw from the thoughts, the feelings, the will, the emotions. It doesn’t draw from the world, from understanding, from the mind to deal with difficulty which draws all of its roots into the depths of what it really is.

Q: And the gate to it is the love, the heart?

John: Yes: openness and softness of heart, unconditioned, and you quietly being that at any personal expense, right here in all of the world.

Q: Then it will be whole and one and complete, with no more questions?

John: It always has been and remains so, despite life in your genetic self and life in the world, the world that isn’t real. So actual, but not real.

Q: In the pure being there is no level of experience or feeling or senses?

John: There is, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll have the understanding. That these deep, inner subtleties that move your body, that move in your eyes, in your face, are you, a being.

Q: So through the eyes you can see the being?

John: Everything shows, regardless of what all covers it. There isn’t anything that doesn’t show. The real all shows. What is illusory and false all shows. By the unseen, there isn’t anything not seen.

Q: We can be in this being, we can be as we died before we really died?

John: Yes. But then you will be what you are after you’ve died while you live, and in the world so contrasting. So real in all that is so not real.

Q: It’s amazing because you don’t need to be afraid from dying if you already died while living, so can you just be.

John: Bye for now.

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