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John de Ruiter Podcast 262

John de Ruiter Podcast 262

Unlock Your Brain and Access Quantum Reality

When: October 10, 2017 @ 2:00pm
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The brain is mostly still a mystery to us. Science research is attempting to discover and unlock the brain’s full potential, yet answers are scarce. In this dialogue, John delves deep into the true role of the brain. When we are being the deepest level that we know, we unleash the brain’s greatest power. In being direct knowledge, our brain is able to synapse with another brain, sharing one brain and one nervous system, unrestricted by form.
“Relate to what is deeper than what you’re used to, and you lead your brain away from its habit. The way for you to lead your brain is for you to unconditionally open; that puts you into the new of you and your brain will make that newness physical in your body. You’ll be able to quantify a level of reality that wasn’t real to you before.”
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Podcast Transcript

Unlock Your Brain and Access Quantum Reality

Q: My questions have to do with the role of the brain. There have been a lot of brain changes this year, for me, and I’m aware that I either misunderstand or misuse the skill that the brain offers. I’m drawn to connectivity, the ways in which everything connects, drawn to geometrics, to math, what makes the universe, and our part in it, all part of one. I’m also aware that the brain is meant to be a whole brain – not right or left and I have a sense of being ready for some kind of evolutionary leap, if that’s the right phrase, for that whole brain to come into actual movement. From what you’ve said I have the impression that the being gets to use the brain. I’m aware that the synapses in my brain are different, but I’m still a bit at the mercy of brain excitement; I get easily over-stimulated. It’s as if my nervous system can’t handle whatever changes are happening in my brain and I’m ready to look at the part it plays, the role it has, and whatever it takes for me to be in correct relationship with it.

John: Its role is to make real, in your body, what you believe. The role of your brain has to do with the potential of you that your brain doesn’t lead in and your genetics don’t lead in. That’s where you lead. If you believe something that is illusory, your brain will make that real for you, in your body. It serves to make that physical.

The greatest potential of your brain is linked directly to you, to actualize whatever level of potential you’re moving in. The deeper the level of you within – not that you’re relating to, but that is substantially first for you – whatever level that is, whatever level of truth, within, that is, determines the potential of your brain that you’re coming into. The greatest power of your brain to affect reality is dependent on you being the deepest level of what you really are and that, in your life, that is your first substance of relating.

Q: I see how the deepest level affects the brain. Does that in turn affect the deepest level? What part does the brain play in relation to the deepest level in that direction?

John: When your brain is in direct proximity to another brain that’s already functioning from that deeper level that you haven’t come into yet, your brain synapses with mine.

Q: So that’s a kind of explanation for the experience I have of the synapses being different, and the activation that that causes. But what I hear you saying is that until or unless the deeper levels are actively moving in relation to that, the brain will always experience its limitations; there’s just so far it can go.

John: Yes.

Q: So my wanting it to go farther continues to rely on my response to the deepest I know?

John: Yes.

Q: I don’t want to get caught up in any kind of spin that the brain can just keep feeding itself and feeling the excitement of that. Is there anything that aids that shift of attention?

John: Relate to what is deeper than what you’re used to and you lead your brain away from its habit. The way for you to lead your brain is for you to unconditionally open. That puts you into the new of you and your brain will make that newness physical in your body. You’ll be able to quantify a level of reality that wasn’t real to you before.

Q: That level of reality could have been known to me, however. Is that where the role of belief steps in – that I know a greater reality?

John: It can be that you’ve known more of reality, but as you open newly into your knowledge of that, that knowledge in your body, through your brain, particularizes.

Q: Is that why the nervous system has such a strong reaction to stimulus? It isn’t so much feeling overwhelmed, physically, as feeling super-charged and incapable of moving with it.

John: It means that you’re taking on more of reality than your self is able to comfortably hold.

Q: What comes to mind is the seeing and the knowing behind the seeing in regard to polarity. Something recently came into my knowing about a movement in the world called non-binary identification. Persons who are moving in this way don’t identify with either he or she as gender; they identify only with they and them and only refer to themselves as they or them, having separated their understanding of sexuality and gender. I don’t know if that’s an evolutionary aspect that’s coming up in our culture, but it spoke loudly to me on the level of polarization and that took me to a deeper level of resonating, in this particular case with gender. I’d love to open up the knowing behind that if that is, in fact, a real non-polarization.

John: It’s a universal truth, right through into whatever self you have, that you are not individual as you think or as you relate; that when you’re identified with your self, your self still functions by a different principle than what one might identify with.

In your self you are many, and the many move together as one. We have thought and feeling, will and emotion. In our selves we are not a single one of them. We function as all of them together. If they are not in balance, we still function as all of them together so then we move in life out of balance – but it’s still all working. It’s polarization that enables us to identify as an individual in our feeling and then in our thinking, and in all of them moving together, that we still maintain that sense of being an individual even though our function in our selves is made of many. Followed through into our other forms, our unseen forms, if we are being all that we have awakened to then there are levels of the you, levels of awareness. You’re not the one that you’re in; you are all of them.

Real individuality is when awareness is free, so it has unrestricted mobility. The real individuality is the capacity to move through all of our levels without restriction or elimination because of false belief. There, there isn’t the sense of individuality in the way that we experience being polarized, as awareness, in ourselves. Instead of the sense of individuality there’s the true function of individuality where you – wherever you are in the many, and being all one – move in a way that’s true to direct knowledge. It’s that deepest level movement that is free within all of your levels, unrestricted by false belief, free by virtue of oneness with knowledge that is individual: not in sense, but in deepest function.

Q: So polarity does in fact exist, but it’s how I, as awareness, am living in that or relating to that, that determines to what extent it affects how I’m being.

John: With form there’s polarity, but in direct knowledge there is no polarity. When you are being that, you are free of all of your forms, giving you mobility within all of those forms, not governed by their sense, how they are beautifully polarized. Being direct knowledge, awareness being direct knowledge, is integrative of its forms and leads its forms.

The forms of all of the levels of you are polarized. They each have a different charge. Each has a different field. Each has a different function, but you, on any of these levels, aside from the form of it, are not polarized. As you, awareness, are being direct knowledge you integrate your forms. Your forms move together because of what you are, not because of what they are.

Q: So polarity is not just a state of mind, or a belief.

John: It’s real. It’s in all form that isn’t managed by form, but by you.

Q: Speaking to that management, is that a matter of perspective?

John: It isn’t matter: not of mind and not even of being.

Q: So even relating to direct knowledge doesn’t provide this freedom you speak of, for the you to move in all of these fields and levels. It requires being direct knowledge.

John: Yes.

Q: Which is where the role of the brain changes in the difference between relating to direct knowledge and being direct knowledge.

John: The greatest power of your brain is when you function as nobody and nothing. Your forms don’t restrict you. They don’t filter you. You’re free of your forms, which then means that you are free in your forms. It isn’t a self that’s free. It isn’t a sense of individuality that’s free. It isn’t a ‘who’ that is free. It’s a ‘what’ that is free: a ‘what’ that isn’t form. Being that is individual, but there’s no form of individuality to that. It’s the truth of it alone.

Q: I know the ‘what’. I relate to it directly and I wonder if the habit of the brain is keeping me in the ‘who’ because the shift to being the ‘what’ isn’t happening.

John: Because the sense of individuality is believed, which then grounds you in one or a number of your polarized forms, restricting your movement. You’re taking on their charge, which makes that level, or some levels, your body instead of all of them being your body.

Q: So that’s how the ‘what’ would show up in the brain as a whole brain, which in turn affects all of the bodies.

John: If you’re being in all of your bodies, all of your levels, your first body is your body of knowledge.

Q: Being direct knowledge.

John: Yes. There’s a form to that: your body of knowledge, a body of yours reflecting what you are.

Q: Is it dependent on anything other than itself in moving on all levels?

John: To move on all levels you don’t need to be conscious of your body of knowledge. You need only to be direct knowledge.

Q: As awareness?

John: Yes.

Q: And that offers the opportunity for it to become conscious awareness?

John: In its bodies: being form. It’s the wonder of form that you’re able to be it. If you’re not being what you first really are in those forms, then you’ll be the polarity of those forms. You’ll be form neglecting or cutting off other form. You’ll favour one form over another. You’ll believe that you are the charge of that form. Your brain makes that real in your nervous system. The opened nervous system, because of the opened brain – because of you open, because it’s direct knowledge that you are being – that nervous system makes real in your body all of your forms, all of you, and not just a level or the levels that you’ve taken a charge to.

Q: Is opening the same as being direct knowledge?

John: Opening is you being the same beingness as your being: a beingness, forms of beingness, that are complete, perfect and real.

Q: Is it that openness that then enables us to first relate to direct knowledge?

John: On the level of your being, yes.

Q: But it doesn’t have to happen on the level of the being.

John: It can be deeper but then you won’t be registering form of being.

Q: The relating to direct knowledge …

John: Is through subtler and subtler true forms until you are being you without any of them, making you master of all of them. They move because you do. You’re not being an individual in that. There is no sense of individual in that.

Q: Which explains why experience isn’t necessary.

John: If you’re being direct knowledge you’re free. You’re free in your forms. If you think you’re being direct knowledge you’ll find out, through your forms, that you’re not. You can use a form – your intellect, your emotional body – in support to rationalize the position and there you would be lying to your self, and it works. You would become that custom charge. Your brain, through your nervous system, will make it real in your body. It’s a prison.

Q: Our brains can help us customize a particular field that’s charged out of preference. We like that. The more we like it, the more we rationalize its reality.

John: And your individual sense and position.

Q: That’s why the familiar is so attractive.

John: Attractive by charge.

Q: Yes. Is familiarity a kind of charge?

John: Yes.

Q: When you talk about a shift of orientation, what is that describing?

John: You, awareness, being honest to direct knowledge, but within form.

Q: So what you’ve just said is another way of describing a shift of perspective, but it’s within form.

John: Yes, but it isn’t first perspective. It’s first a shift of orientation from forms that have charge, but the charge is held to be a certain way and forms that have charge that isn’t held that way. It isn’t made that way by you, so as you relax you naturally are being the same as your true form, your being. A shift of orientation as awareness drops you deeper within than your personality or your self, and there you are at the entrance of your being, you’re in your heart and what you are there is openness and softness – the outermost beginning of your being.

The shift of orientation as awareness frees you from your forms that are incomplete, imperfect and held together in some way, to being in those forms of yours that are complete and perfect, that accurately reflect you. There, the direct knowledge is concerning beingness. You directly know what beingness is real and what isn’t, what form, what underlying form of movement is real and what isn’t.

Once you’ve made that shift and you’re living that shift, your direction is established. Your direction is into you being nobody and nothing. It’s home to you. The direction is you being less and less, and you realize being nothing: free of form. In being that, free in all of your form.

Q: And there, being direct knowledge.

John: Without any use of form to be that. Ultimately that includes the forms, the levels, the regions of your being. You don’t need your being for you to be you.

Q: So once being direct knowledge then all of unconsciousness is opened. Is that the level on which we move into other dimensions, other realities or that which precedes this reality?

John: Yes.

Q: Being direct knowledge is essential vitality.

John: On a being level, yes.

Q: And on the level past greater reality? (Connection) You just went there.

John: You asked.

Q: Is being greater reality, then, the entrance or the embodiment of what’s past greater reality?

John: You ask, I tell you and my brain tells your brain.

Q: I’m deeply touched by the miracle of that potential.

John: Being together in this means that we are synapsing together in this: a shared brain and a shared nervous system.

Q: The shared nervous system can handle what my individual nervous system can’t.

John: (nods)

Q: Is this a bit quantum? That’s good.

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