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John de Ruiter Podcast 263

John de Ruiter Podcast 263

The Calling and The Transformation of Humanity

When: September 17, 2015 @ 7:15pm
What is true individuality? How are we different and what is it that makes us the same? How would we change, as humanity, if we connect as beings rather than selves? John explains the shift of connectivity that happens when we awaken to the calling. In allowing our awakening to manifest through our heart, self and person, we manifest the beginning of oneness, realized in form.
“When you know someone because you really see, and when that knowing matters more to you than what you think and feel about the other, then what you are toward the other is love. It’s the sameness of our beings. It’s what enables us to meet as beings.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Calling and The Transformation of Humanity

Q: It seems like a major part in the calling is the embodiment of what is available from greater reality. Is that right?

John: Yes.

Q: And the connectivity between people, or beings, brings it to form.

John: Where the calling is awakened to, any connectivity between people that is based on the levels of the being creates new space within the self for what is greater than reality to come in and eventually have form.

Q: The connection opens the self, stretching it in some way?

John: When you’re connecting to others and with others from within the levels of your being, yes, that stretches your self because you are then being, in your self, a level of your being and moving by that level. It’s a stretch for your self because your self isn’t like that yet.

Q: And there is also something in the connection, something new that is being created between the beings.

John: Yes.

Q: Is there something that is available only in the connections?

John: Yes. It is between the two something of a third being. That third being is a shared being.

Q: What is so important in that? Because it’s different; it can’t be done alone.

John: The importance of it is that that’s the beginning of a oneness, on this planet, in full form between two or more. It’s where there is the realization not just of your being and my being, but ours: the realization and the movement of our being.

Q: So the one being is being created from the calling and greater reality manifests in the connections?

John: A oneness of being is being manifested between two or more. It’s a realized oneness moving between people, actualized in this world. It’s a true oneness in form. Two or more people getting along and being of one mind isn’t a oneness; it has the appearance of oneness, whereas two or more people moving from within a level of the being and moving together, a level of connectivity that’s based exclusively on the being, manifested within the self and in the person in real time, is oneness manifest.

Q: Why is that so crucial?

John: It’s the future of what we’re all here for: the manifestation of being in form – not just in each of us, but equally between us.

Q: And the connectivity increasing it also individually?

John: Yes. The increase within the individual, the increase of your being manifested in your self and in your person, is your being, present in your life, in person. It’s you from within your being having your person, functioning as a person. Your person in its existence doesn’t belong to individuality as you experience it. Your person belongs to your being.

For your being to manifest within individuality … individuality not based on how you experience your self but by the tiny, tiny, tiny little difference between your being and someone else’s, and that tiniest difference manifesting in your person while at the same time between two or more who are together in this way, together by virtue of connectivity based exclusively on the level of the being … accomplishes a oneness of being not at all diminished by the deepest individuality manifested by your being, enabling you from within your own being, amongst others, to be different while being the same.

Q: But in the tiny little difference there is a lot of power. I don’t know if it’s like creating electricity or something. Can you clarify that?

John: 99.999 % of our beings are exactly the same, and .0001% of our beings are different. All of the differences on the level of being that come together, manifested, accomplish a oneness of movement of our being. The power of that movement is based on, first, that we are all the same, mostly, and without us being able to move together as the same we cannot come into what is actually different. That most tiny little bit within each of us in our being that is different is protected from our access when we are not being the same.

What makes us the same in our beings is love. Without that being filled out and manifested in our selves, in person, the power that’s available in the actual difference between our beings can’t be accessed. It’s protected. It’s protected from where we would like to be different. It’s protected from the slightest little bit of a separated perception of being different.

Q: But when you are in that, when it opens, it empowers the connectivity.

John: Yes. It’s the power of one: the power of two or more being able to move as one, not based on any ability in our selves but based on our fundamental movement as beings.

Power that’s recognized in this world is based on what we perceive in our selves as differences, differences that don’t yet have meaning on the level of our beings, and the power that we perceive within these differences is an illusion. It’s the power based on the experience that we have within our unintegrated selves, selves that don’t yet belong to our beings; the power of self kept away from the heart and therefore kept away from the being, kept away until there is connectivity, the connectivity between awareness and the being because of awareness residing in the heart where all real connectivity begins, and then that level of connectivity, within, taking place between two or more where we all are actually together – not because of any effort to be or to move together in this world, but together because we all realize our beings.

Then humanity changes. It transforms. Instead of it being based on that we are all of the same species, humanity fundamentally shifts and humanity exists because we are all the same being, manifesting the tiniest, tiniest difference between our beings in our selves and in person without, in the tiniest way, compromising that we all are the same, that we all are one being and functionally one being.

It isn’t the same humanity that’s been realized so far. When you are unconditionally in your heart, you are in the tiniest touch of the beginning, the beginning of what we all are for.

Q: The undercurrent of that is increasing and becomes really intense. It makes it almost impossible not to respond.

John: Or react. Then, if you’re not in your heart, you must react and, when you are in your heart, all that you know is response.

Q: It’s almost unbearable not to respond. The middle ground is dissipating, and somehow it’s only crucial to those who awaken to that. To the others it’s not crucial.

John: Yes. All that’s crucial is what you do know and that you are in complete response, within all of your interior, to what you do know, enabling what you do know to manifest from within your being, through your heart, into your self and in your person, whether what you do know is such a tiny little bit, or much.

Q: What are the practicalities of moving it faster or easier?

John: When knowing each other in practical ways within the details of life means more than what we think or feel about each other because of the differences we perceive; that knowing within matters within more than thinking or feeling. The purity of that manifests within thought and feeling.

Q: Can you say more about knowing each other?

John: When you know someone, not because of what you experience in your self or of the other self, but when you know someone because you really see, and when that knowing matters more to you than what you think and feel about the other, then what you are toward the other is love. It’s the sameness of our beings. It’s what enables us to meet as beings.

Q: And it hastens what is coming?

John: After we die, for sure.

Q: And for now?

John: Later. But what remains real and here now is that you, awareness, are able to stream in your being without your self having to change first, and without your circumstances or others having to change first. You stream in your being as soon as you are unconditionally at rest in your heart: the beginning of oneness realized in form.

Q: And what is the intensity in me?

John: You, awareness, realized and coming together in one point, not on the grounds of your self but from within your own being, and that tiniest touch of movement of your being realized, brought forward within your self. That intensity is where a flip has taken place: instead of a self that has a being, a being that has a self. It’s the intensity of you, awareness, realized right-side up, whose movement is love.

Q: And the experience of intensity is the changing of forms?

John: Embodiment: yes. The changing of the levels of your self, the changing of your surface forms, is transformation. That transformation, even a little bit, is a little bit of the embodiment of your being.

As this comes into manifestation it will be terribly unusual, so not like what you’re accustomed to in your self and in this world, terribly unusual because that’s how different the deeper levels, the deeper levels of your being are from what you’re used to in your self.

The surface levels of your being are easily at home in your self; it’s what invites your self to change. But the deeper levels of your being manifested in your self are the fundamental change of your self. The abilities of the deeper levels of your being brought into your self are first the change of your self, the manifested ability to function as a being that isn’t at all like your self. It’s so different from what your self is like, so different that it appears as being perhaps even terribly unusual, but all love.

It is when the innermost of reality manifests in reality – in physical reality – that what is greater than reality, when it moves, is able to enter reality, changing it, fulfilling its reason for being; when, because of you, your being is able to have your heart, your self, your person and your life, that what is greater than reality, when it moves, comes into this life through you, changing you again.

Q: What do you mean by ‘again’?

John: The first change is in awareness: you, in full return to what you know, you being one with what you know instead of separate. The first change, manifested through your heart in your self and in your person, makes room for the second change when that comes. It’s coming.

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