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John de Ruiter Podcast 492

John de Ruiter Podcast 492

Core Authenticity: The Beauty of Original You

When: November 29, 2020 @ 11:00am
In this extraordinary conversation, John describes the way that the universe is always in loving support of whatever way of being we may choose, but that our genetics can only be transformed when we align with our deepest core.
“The supportive nature of form is that if you are being the same vibration as your own core, the vibration of thought and feeling will open, shift and change in support of you.”
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Podcast Transcript

Core Authenticity: The Beauty of Original You

Q: I raised my hand because of what you said about how your forms are supporting you or whether emotions are still bothering you. You said in the answer, “No, because my forms are supportive of me.” It made me realize that maybe I have resisted that. I know what touched me in what you said was that there can be so much more form of me supporting what I am here for.

John: The universe supports you. The universe helps everyone, regardless of orientation. Whether you’re self-oriented or truth-oriented, it makes no difference. The universe helps you, supports you. It’s unconditional. And your brain is like the universe; it helps you, it supports you. It doesn’t matter what you are being in your body: the universe, the brain, your form, your self, your personality, help you and support you. In so many levels of support we are responsible, responsible to core knowledge. Without that, we are out of alignment.

Q: It seems like what you are saying is there’s a real choice where I allow my orientation to be. Right now with you, I feel that as a real choice. That’s so helpful to feel.

John: When you feel like it’s difficult, it’s a cost to your self and your personality for you to leave your life, your life as you were used to it, you’re not indebted to your life and your life isn’t yours. As soon as you’re in a body, you’re indebted to the universe, your brain, all your form, your self, your body, your personality. You’re indebted to all form to be that core knowledge, within. Being what you know.

If you shift your orientation, you start to develop a sense of entitlement. Just because you have power over so much form doesn’t mean that all that form, all that resource, belongs to your self, your personality and your life as you’ve made it so far. It all belongs to what you directly know, within. It’s not a level of informational knowledge; it’s knowledge of being. It’s vibrational.

Q: And I know that. And that part of me that is the new knows that and I’m just so surprised that I can still be so torn. My question was also really about asking for help in allowing to become more form, to become more in form what I really am.

John: All form, all of existence on every level, all of the universe on every level, is made to support the production and the development of awareness. All of it is first a help for what it’s deeply for, the deepest levels of awareness, the levels that are incorruptible. But because all form is made for awareness, where awareness takes control of form and is being in it, moving it and using it in a way that is out of alignment with its own core, the universe supports.

Q: Why?

John: It’s there for the production and the development of awareness, and if awareness goes out of alignment, all form is in support of awareness, even if that means that the production and development of awareness goes out of alignment it’s supporting awareness, which means if you’re going to learn the hard way, it will support you. If you’re going to learn the direct, the simple and the easy way, it’s going to support you. It’s all a love support. It isn’t going to judge you or separate from you if you separate from what you know. Form holds.

The deeper levels of the universe, existence, your brain, your self, your personality, are unreachable by awareness not in alignment with its own core, which protects the deeper levels of form from distortion. But it doesn’t protect the surface levels of form. Whatever levels awareness uses and has access to, on the surface, to be whatever it wants to be, regardless of its core, the universe, your brain, supports. And form will change in support in all of awareness, anywhere, separate or not separate.

The support of nature, of form, is that it’s there for you, regardless of what you do with it. As you come into your body you come into a genetic body. The body you come into is the result of what your ancestors have been. It’s form that’s ready for you, given to you, but it doesn’t represent you. It represents all of awareness in all of your ancestors, in what they have been. So it’s all a mix that you come into. And then it’s your turn. What will you be in so much form? Form holds, so if you’re being what you really are in your genetics, your genetics don’t instantly transform. They change, but slowly. The beauty of form is that it keeps supporting, and it doesn’t matter what your ancestors have been. Your genetics support what they have been and all of that support is given to you. It won’t match what you really are. But as you are being what you really are in it, it will slowly start to match; it’ll change, because of its inherent support of nature.

Q: I’m understanding something. It’s like you’re explaining the mechanisms to me how it works. I realize I have a certain loyalty to the form that I am now, or to the form where I come from, without realizing I had that. I have a free choice in terms of where, as awareness, where my orientation goes, regardless of any form.

John: That’s what you’re here for: to be what you really are from the core outwards, regardless of how form may support what your ancestors have been, supporting what they have been to you, which is an influence on you to be what they have been.

Q: It’s almost like a belief in me, a very subconscious belief that I have to carry that on. I wasn’t so aware of it, until now. I’ve been aware of influences. It’s what a big part of my shell is made of.

John: As soon as you’re loyal to your experience, as soon as you give supreme regard to your experience, you leave what you really are, you leave your core, and your loyalty to your forms – which is what your experience comes from … your self, your personality, what your ancestors have been – you separate from what you came here for.

Without the deep, deep listening within, you lose sight of your core, and what apprehends you, awareness, is form. That includes the distortion that’s in it, the result of what your ancestors have been. Without the deep, deep listening within, core listening within, a core attunement to original knowledge of you, you will be like your ancestors. Regardless of what they were being, that form, handed down to you, holds. It will change, which is its inherent nature, but it will change only if what you are being in all of that form is the same as your original core or even further separate from what your ancestors have been: more form of want and need, more form of taking your self, your form, seriously, and making it all about your awareness in all of that form and your experience of it.

Form will change. It will change for the better because of what you’re being in it, or for the worse because of what you’re being in it, and then that will be passed on. All you really have is core knowledge, which isn’t informational; it’s vibrational. As you’re in tune with that, you in your form vibrate at the same frequency, a frequency of beingness. It isn’t, first, frequency of feeling, emotional, will and thought.

Q: If I’m in tune with core knowledge, or with core what I am, the vibration of that is first, and not experience.

John: It’s a level of vibration that isn’t experienced; it’s first unseen. You can be aligned to that, which is your core, but only if you, awareness, are relaxed right into that level of you, relaxed to your core. Then you vibrate in the midst of thought, feeling, will, emotion. You vibrate, not to the frequency of what your ancestors have been. You vibrate one with your core. That level of unseen vibration, that frequency, leads the form that you’re in. The frequency of what your ancestors have been, the form of that, it holds; it’s an influence on you. But you are a much more profound influence, if you’re one with what you know. The supportive nature of form is that if you are being of the same vibration as your own core, an unseen vibration, the vibration of thought and feeling, will and emotion, will open, shift and change in support of you.

The depth and the quality of your feelings, your emotions, your use of will and your thinking is first determined by you, even though the form of that, that you’ve come into, handed down from your ancestors, it’s all a result of what they have been. The supportive nature of form is that their form holds in you, but if you’re aligned with your core, their form, that you are now in, will form to you. Their beinginess within thought and feeling, will and emotion holds as an influence on you, but if you are being the unseen vibration of you, the deeper levels of form are right there, one with you.

What your ancestors weren’t able to corrupt of their own thoughts and feelings, will and emotion, because of the deeper levels of form not being accessible by anything but oneness, those levels of form instantly support you. They’re already the same as what you really are, and the seen levels of form will follow and turn into the unseen levels that haven’t been corrupted. They align to that. They’re all made for each other. Their design is to function from the innermost outwards. Awareness in that form, if it separates from its own core, the surface levels of form will mold and hold; they’ll change to support what awareness is being in it.

But the levels of awareness, the levels of knowledge that awareness separates from, those levels of form remain uncorrupted because they’re departed from. But as soon as they are returned to , all those unseen levels of form, of will, emotion, thought and feeling, your self, your personality, is there representing what it all comes from. It’s all instantly helping you. And the surface levels of form that have been distorted by your ancestors and by you, as soon as you’re aligned to your core, the surface levels of form also continue to support you, but they start to support you by changing, becoming in outer levels the same as their inner levels, the same as what you really are.

Your wholeness, as awareness, from the inside out, from the innermost outwards, manifests in wholeness through all the levels of existence, all the levels of the universe, all the levels of your brain, thought, feeling, will and emotion, until all of your form, regardless of what it used to be because of your ancestors and because of you, becomes whole, and ultimately perfectly reflecting what you really are. Right out into your personality, it all manifests as depth of character, character that is representative of what you really are, having changed your self, your personality, reflecting accurately what is perfectly you, what is originally you, right out into the levels of form that are most under influence of change, most densely experienced through thought and feeling, will and emotion.

It isn’t just core knowledge, direct vibrational knowledge, that takes form in your self and in your personality, but it’s also the surface levels of knowledge that are most bendable, that start to vibrate in their density in support of what is unseen you. The manifestation of that is clarity. You, awareness, from the innermost outwards, vibrating as what is unseen, clear to the core, vibrating within the malleability of thought and feeling, will and emotion. That’s where knowledge at its deepest levels takes on the density of thinking, thinking that is perfectly reflective of your core and is no longer reflective of what your ancestors have been, or what you have been before.

Depth of character is where your thinking, your feeling, your will and your emotions have changed, where they accurately vibrate to your innermost, where their density reflects you, instead of what created the vibration in that density, what your ancestors have been, or what you have been before; willingness, willingness to be from the innermost outwards, instead of willfulness, taking what you want, wanting what you want, just because you can.

As soon as you are oriented to your deeper heart you have shifted the balance of power, in form, from what is seen to what is unseen you. And there, sustained, it’s only a matter of time and your self, your personality, will shift to match you, the existence of wholeness, the existence of you, in form, with your forms representing you from the innermost outwards. The seen you, in form, will be the same as the unseen you before form. You are not your self, your personality, your body; you are not your forms until your forms, because of you, have opened, shifted, changed and become the same as you. In that wholeness, your body, your self, your personality is then really you, a depth of character.

Q: It’s almost difficult to speak now. I feel all these levels of me, they all opened, they’re filled with the forms where my ancestors were what they are.

John: The golden thread of authenticity, core authenticity, wherever that was in your ancestors, where they have been it, becomes alight in your form because you’re being it.

Q: So then it becomes one, the old and the new. Or it becomes connected.

John: When you, awareness, are being from the innermost outwards, your form opens, shifts, moves and starts to flow from the innermost outwards and from the outermost inwards. Because of you being what you really are, all of your form, given a little bit of time, enters equanimity, all levels of form starting to move as one, an evenness, until all of your form flows, because of you. And it flows as one: the full manifestation of beauty, beauty of original you, reflected in your outermost density, regardless of the nature of that outermost form at first not determined by you, determined by your ancestors and what they were being in it. And then, later, determined by you.

What touches you when you look out into the midnight sky, where you don’t see the earth’s atmosphere, the stratosphere, but where you’re able to see what’s way beyond, in form, way beyond the earth. And as you relax into not knowing what you see, your innermost reverberates a direct knowledge not of understanding, not of information, but of you. So there’s this oneness vibration of innermost you, and innermost form of the universe. And there, as you’re quieted, not knowing what you see, you vibrate in a manner that is the same, which leaves you in your thinking and your feeling in awe. And as you are being that level of you in your self, in your personality, in your day, the levels of the universe that you are in awe of and not in control of, start to control you.

The original level of you starts to control the surface levels of you until what shows in the midnight sky, and how that moves you, starts to become visible in your outermost form, in your face, in your eyes, in your tone, in your words, in how you hold your self, your personality, how you hold others. You exist then, in life, as the reverberations of the midnight sky, being that in your form for anyone to see, to match, because of innermost sameness, or to separate from because of loyalty to personal thought, feeling, will, emotion, self, personality, and life. Or, a quieted response, not understanding what is directly related to and known in the midnight sky but not understood, and directly knowing what is there of the same in you, by others, not understood but known in your face, in your eyes, in your tone, in your words, in how you hold your self, and in how you hold them.

When you look into a newborn baby’s eyes, you don’t see what you see in people’s eyes. You don’t see an identified self, will, thinking, feeling, emotions, personality, and a reflective life. What you see in a newborn baby’s eyes is the same that you see when you’re quieted within, in the midnight sky, beingness aflow, not understood, not informationally known, but directly known within, that leaves the rest of you, all the way to your outermost, in response. The manifestation of that in experience is awe.

Q: Are we made of all the levels of the universe, that the universe is made of? I mean, are they all the same?

John: Yes. Oneness manifested all the way out into the surface; oneness on all the levels of the universe is easy to see. It’s right there, right on the surface, all visible though not understood in a newborn baby’s eyes.

Bye for now, and see you way in there and way out there.

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