John de Ruiter Podcast 504

John de Ruiter Podcast 504

When: April 30, 2016 @ 2:00pm
This conversation zooms in on the micro-movements of awareness in form, and how it can choose between the addictive power of illusion or the healing power of oneness.
“To be aware is to believe. It’s what you believe that determines if you’re going to be awareness one, or awareness separate.”
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Podcast Transcript

Q: I would like to try and confirm a few things.There is nothingness and no movement, and then spontaneously from it, movement into consciousness, and there is knowing. One may respond and then there might be an experience. The streaming will become thinner or disappear if that person will hold to that download. It came to me that reality is heavily relying upon forms that once were streaming, and the world as we know it is shaken as these structures block free movement of consciousness. Once those structures are released, consciousness will move faster and be what it is.

John: Yes. There can be the perception of no movement from the perspective of your self. Where there is awareness, there’s movement. Where there is awareness, there’s knowing, and where there’s knowing, there’s response toward or reaction against. Either way, there’s movement.

To be aware means that awareness is believing. Belief is fundamental movement of awareness. Awareness, relaxed, believes what it knows. Awareness believes knowing. That’s oneness. The movement of oneness is love.

When awareness, in its belief, in its fundamental movement, turns away from knowing, awareness believes what it doesn’t know. That, projected into the self, into its thinking, is awareness believing what it wishes to be true – what it wants to be true and needs to be true. That’s awareness stepping into illusion. The way that that projects into the person is awareness concluding the truth of something that it doesn’t know is true.

Awareness is incapable of not believing. To be aware is to believe. What really matters is what you believe. It’s what you believe that determines if you’re going to be awareness one, or awareness separate.

Belief is the movement. Awareness moves, to knowing or away from knowing. The movement of awareness is always in relationship to what it knows, for or against. Awareness, relaxed, is able to believe only what it knows, making oneness natural. For awareness separate to relax, oneness is a pure inevitability. There isn’t anything else than oneness that’s possible.

Q: Does one recognize one’s self when one is one? Because when there is one, who recognizes?

John: It isn’t a ‘who’ recognizing. It’s a ‘what’. Oneness isn’t a ‘who’, but oneness can be a ‘who’. Give oneness a self, it absorbs the self and is absorbed into the self and becomes a ‘who’. That’s a ‘what’ being a ‘who’. It’s a greater form of oneness.

Awareness, relaxed, moving as oneness into the ‘who’, is incapable of getting lost into the ‘who’. It isn’t able to separate from what it really is, regardless of the strength that it’s able to manifest as a ‘who’. There is no risk. Oneness entering form, the form of the body and the self, isn’t at risk of separating. If awareness in the midst of that believes what it doesn’t know the truth of that is offered by thought, feeling, emotion and will, right there, awareness is in danger of separating and it is oneness that is being risked.

If separation occurs because an illusion by awareness is believed, there is immediate healing the moment awareness relaxes. As awareness relaxes despite any separation, awareness faces what it knows and it’s in response to what it knows. It turns into what it knows. It is, again, one with what it knows.

The difficulty with awareness being in a body and in a self is that whatever is believed that you don’t know the truth of, that takes form immediately in your thinking, your feeling, your emotion and your will. All of that transfers to your nervous system, giving the illusion form in your self and in your body. As you, awareness, relax, that doesn’t immediately undo the form of separation in your thinking, your feeling, your emotion, your will and your nervous system, so then while you, awareness, return to being one with knowing, your experience in your self may continue to be one that’s separate, making your own experience an influence to you to believe what you experience, which then separates you again from knowing.

What you give form to of illusion in your self and in your body is like a drug. It continues to act even when you relax and it gives you the experience, particularly when you become addicted to it, that you cannot be without it. When awareness relaxes in the midst of that addiction, then there is oneness within the environment, in form, of addiction. As awareness remains relaxed despite what it’s experiencing in itself and in its nervous system, there will be withdrawal symptoms that will make you feel like you, in your self, are dying and your own experience promises you, “feed the addiction just a little bit and you’ll stop dying.”

The promise is true to your experience but it isn’t true to what you know, and you’re able to embody either one. That’s the power of being in a self and a body. It’s that whatever you, awareness, believe – the truth or illusion – you will embody it.

The embodiment of illusion brings about the false reality of an ego. The embodiment of awareness believing what it knows is on the level of the self, on the level of thought and feeling, emotion and will, and the nervous system, the embodiment of your being, a being manifested into form. It’s what you have a self and a body for. It’s what your life is for.

Use your body, your self and your life for anything else and you lie to your self. That lie turns into form in your self, in your thinking, in your feeling, in your emotions, in your will and in your nervous system, and there your experience will be trumpeting against what you know, and all of that trumpeting and noise that makes sense only within the illusion doesn’t stop you, awareness, from relaxing, which turns you into what you know and, there there is, for a time, oneness imprisoned in a form of illusion. Not at all a problem.

Oneness in any kind of prison dissolves the prison by virtue of its own beingness. Oneness is healing to anything that it’s in. It heals the most complex, distorted and in-form addiction. It heals mental and emotional disorders. It will change the chemistry of your body, the chemistry of your brain, making you in your brain, in your body, in your nervous system, self-medicating, self-healing.

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