Summer Seminar at Midnight Sky – July 1 – 10, 2022 Take Part

Location: Hamburg

A tiny touch of awakening has landed in this person, but she’s afraid it will never grow. Through the metaphor of caring for a little fruit tree, John shares the shift of attention needed for the tree to flourish, no matter what.

Q: The question “what am I living for?” has been with me a lot in my life. I’ve felt desperate and known I was not living. Now, there is more peace around the desperation. I know there’s truth in that, but I can relax…
Q: Hi, John. This is the first time I’ve met you. I had a very short relationship about one and a half years ago and it’s still very painful. I can’t understand why I can’t let it go. How can I feel that love,…

This young woman speaks the uncertainty of many in today’s spiritual marketplace. She wants to give her heart away to truth, but experience has revealed that many teachers are untrustworthy. John reveals the differences between a teacher of truth and one completely mastered by truth; to listen to all but to give her heart only to what she genuinely knows.

Is there a destiny and a purpose that we are to fulfill in this life? And if there is, how do we find it? The answer isn’t in what we think and can’t be found in what is familiar to us. We are able to deeply realize our life’s purpose by fully returning to and abiding in our heart and being. Listen to this podcast to find out how!

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