John de Ruiter Podcast 299

John de Ruiter Podcast 299

True Belonging: Living From the Deeper Levels of You

When: June 9, 2012 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,
“Let not your heart nor your self be a port for negativity.” This questioner has experienced the deeper ground she really belongs to, but can be overtaken by negativity. John shows her how to care for what she knows in her heart, even under pressure.
“The easiest way to not have negativity in your self is to not have even a speck of it in the privacy of your own heart.”
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Podcast Transcript

True Belonging: Living From the Deeper Levels of You

Q: One year ago, here in Hamburg, you gave me such clear guidance for how to deal with negative emotions and how to save love, and in the following weeks there were moments when I could feel this shift of orientation you were talking about. I could see negative emotions coming up but I wasn’t relating to them. It was more a signal or invitation to shift my focus from the outside to finer levels. I felt the emotions, but I felt a calm that was really great. Then in the time after, I had a lot of work and stressful situations and illness, and on the way I lost the orientation again. I can see that I didn’t take care of these finer levels as I would like to. Can you help me to get in touch, again, with these deeper levels?

John: As the deeper levels open, the greater knowledge that is within these deeper levels also opens. For you to remain in these deeper levels, you need to be absorbed by the greater knowledge that opens in them. As these levels open, notice the more that you are knowing, within, and bring the greater knowledge into your heart: relating to it and living by it. It’s living the knowledge within these levels that keeps the levels open.

As the levels open and you are knowing more, like what you are knowing. Liking knowing brings what you are knowing into your heart. That makes real what you are knowing; it makes it real in your self. Whatever it is that you are knowing within the deeper levels, value what you are knowing more than valuing your self. When you value it more than your self you are bringing it into your self. It needs to live in your self.

Bringing this knowledge into your self changes your self and it changes your life. Without the changes, the deeper levels will close. Welcome into your self and into your life the changes that this knowledge brings, and the deeper levels within will open even more. The more you live by the deeper knowledge, the more the levels open. These levels, within, need to not stop opening. Live by them and they open.

Welcome the different kind of seeing that it brings. Welcome the change in your thinking and the change in your feeling. You need the changes. What you live by of this knowledge within, your self becomes. As your belonging shifts: you as awareness belonging to what you are knowing, within – belonging to the deeper levels within – the becoming in your self shifts.

Instead of the becoming being represented from your past – you becoming more of your past – your self shifts and changes, becoming of the deeper levels, within. It gives your self facility and ability in what you haven’t had in your self before. It’s the opening of the patterning in your self, the opening of the conditioning in your self, with its structures shifting and changing. The forms in your self become those of the deeper levels, within.

You shifting what you’re belonging to shifts what you are becoming in your self, and that changes what your life is. It has your life and your living belonging to the deeper levels, within. That’s the access of your own deeper levels, within, into your life. It needs to have the space of your self, and the space of your life and your living. As you are absorbed into the deeper levels, the deeper levels are absorbed into your self and your life. The real absorption needs to be taking place, in form, for you to be able to sustain being the deeper levels. It becomes your presence.

In contrast, harboring any kind of negativity, within, grounds you as awareness in the conditioning in your self.

Let not your heart nor your self be a port for negativity. The easiest way to not have negativity in your self is to not have even a speck of it in the privacy of your own heart. The seeds of negativity that are taken into your heart in the privacy of your own heart are the weeds that grow in your self. A speck of it in your heart are the seeds of it in your heart. Remove the seeds before they grow and you’ll not have any weeds.

It isn’t about your being weedless. It’s all about your belonging: that you are, as awareness, liking and loving belonging to what you are knowing within the deeper levels that open. That has you not being of the negativity, within. Love the deeper belonging and the becoming is natural and easy. The becoming always follows the belonging.

Liking what you are knowing in the deeper levels has you, as awareness, entering the deeper levels and relating from the deeper levels. Loving what you are knowing in the deeper levels has you, as awareness, being rooted and grounded in what you are knowing in the deeper levels. Your belonging becomes secure. The becoming in your self – your becoming in your self what is deeper – becomes secure. Instead of having a conditioned self, you have a self of change.

It isn’t about the negativity. It is all about what you are, as awareness, in your heart, belonging to. The belonging cleans out the negativity. It works. You, as awareness, belonging to what is deeper, within, than your self is, shifts your orientation as awareness from your self to what is deeper, within. The shift of orientation changes what you’re belonging to. Love the shift of what you’re belonging to. Live by the new belonging. The greater the pressure in your life, the greater the new belonging will be. The pressure helps.

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