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John de Ruiter Podcast 304

John de Ruiter Podcast 304

What is a Master of Truth?

When: May 24, 2000 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,
This young woman speaks the uncertainty of many in today’s spiritual marketplace. She wants to give her heart away to truth, but experience has revealed that many teachers are untrustworthy. John reveals the differences between a teacher of truth and one completely mastered by truth; to listen to all but to give her heart only to what she genuinely knows.
“Only follow a teacher if the healing equals the teaching.”
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Podcast Transcript

What is a Master of Truth?

Q: I am in trouble with truth. Every time I go to a teacher – it started with my father who was a priest – I see great acts of kindness on stage. At home, something else happens. That has happened all my life. I go to different teachers and they are saying wise words but my eyes see something else. What really hurts is that I can’t give my heart anymore because in the name of truth it has been just been one disappointment and one lie after another. As much as I would love to fall in love with that tiny little bit, everything inside of me is just contracted. These eyes only see everything through the eyes of mistrust. Then I saw you, and your words are wise and very beautiful, but inside of me my body responds in very funny way so I don’t know if I can trust the way my body responds. I live with someone who gives satsang and it is just a nightmare. The most painful thing is that I can’t give my heart because that’s what makes me the most happy. I don’t know what to trust, whom to follow, what to …

John: You follow what little bit you genuinely know, and anything that you do not genuinely know you don’t need to follow. The surrender is only to what little bit that you genuinely know. There are many that teach truth and there are few that will ever be mastered by truth. When you are with a teacher of truth, just be tenderly open, and receive into your heart what little bit that you hear that you genuinely know is true.

A teacher of truth is worth listening to and is not worth following. It is only worth following someone that you genuinely know is mastered by truth. So that leaves you open to genuinely follow anyone that you genuinely know is mastered by truth. Until then, you just genuinely listen. Then, within you, there is no trouble.

A teacher of truth has somewhat of an expanded mind and may even have somewhat of an expanded heart. But if any teacher can be frustrated or angered, then there is not an expanded will, and that’s where it counts.

Someone that is mastered by truth has an expanded mind, no holding in the mind.
Someone that is mastered by truth has an expanded mind, an expanded heart, which costs much more than an expanded mind, and also has an expanded will, which costs much more than an expanded heart and an expanded mind.

The first place that an agenda will leave or be dissolved is in the mind. Then what agenda is still left over hides in the heart while the mind is expanded. When the heart begins to expand, then that agenda moves even lower and it hides in the last place, and that is in the will. Most teachers of truth have an expanded mind. Few teachers of truth have an expanded heart, and it is most extremely rare to ever find a teacher of truth that has an expanded will. When someone’s mind is expanded but not yet really the heart, or the will, then as long as everything feels okay, that individual can dwell in an expanded consciousness. But as soon as something happens that alters how they feel, then that expanded consciousness contracts.

If someone has an expanded mind and somewhat of an expanded heart, there is an expanded consciousness there that is, within the mind, very easy, effortless, and there is also an expanded consciousness in the heart. Whether they happen to feel good or not, even when the feelings are not pleasant, even when the feelings are very disturbing, painful and unpleasant, the expanded consciousness doesn’t contract. But if there is not an expanded will, then when something comes along and hits, then that expanded consciousness contracts.

When there is an expanded mind and an expanded heart, and especially an expanded will, then consciousness remains expanded under any conditions. Then there is unconditional expansion of consciousness.

The will is the very last to expand. It is the will that is the most dense. It is the will that most clearly identifies you, not the mind. When everything crashes, what is always still left over is this “I want”. The expansion of awareness in consciousness takes place first within the mind and the heart, because that is what takes place easiest. And even though that is expanding, personal ownership drains out of the mind, and drains out of the heart and hides in the will. When that last place opens up and expands, then that is the end of you.

Listen to every teacher and believe and completely give your heart away only to what you genuinely know.

Q: Right now my heart totally resonates with your heart. But it is not in the words.

John: Then you enjoy giving your whole heart away to what you are knowing. When you follow a teacher that doesn’t have an expanded will, then that is giving power to that density of will within that teacher that will not let it go at all costs. That, then, makes a teacher a somebody. Where there is an expanded will, there is no somebody. Unless you know that someone is mastered by truth, you can listen to them and hear them, but don’t follow them. Follow only what you know, and only follow someone if that individual embodies everything that you know. Then when you follow that one, you are following everything you know. Then, to you, the two are the same.

Q: Now, when I listen to the sound of your voice it feels like nectar in my soul, but at the same time it feels my heart is hit by thousands of needles and it hurts so much.

John: That experience is there in your heart because you have a wounded heart.

Q: So my heart can be totally wounded, and at the same time I am pure love. I am totally pure, innocent love.

John: Only a little bit is, and that little bit has yet to expand into all of the rest of you. So instead of living in the rest of you, let your whole heart dwell in that little bit. That is what allows release. That is what heals your heart. Only follow a teacher if the healing equals the teaching.

With most teachers there is much more teaching than healing. Instead of following a teaching, follow with your whole heart the healing and then you will be well taught. Most teaching is about enticing information. It is only real teaching that is healing.

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