JdR Podcast 419

From Resistance to Response: Healing the Sense of Separation

A question about resistance opens up the power of conclusions we've drawn that we didn't know the truth of, and how they keep us separate from what we really are. John describes their subconscious life as resistance, and how that can change.

"The power of resistance is the power of being separate. It isn’t the same as what you really are. When you relax as awareness you naturally return to what you really are."

—John de Ruiter

Podcast Transcript

With John de Ruiter from the September 22, 2014, Moen, Denmark Event

Q: You talk about the reservoirs of power we have inside us. How is it when in me it takes form as resistance against life, which is very big? When I look at you your form disappears, and the same happens when I’m looking at trees. And then there is something here which is confused. There is a resistance, and then there is this form disappearing.

John: When you draw a conclusion, when you believe the formulation of a thought concerning something of your self, concerning anything deeper than your self, you conclude the truth of something; you deduce the truth. When there’s emotional input to a conclusion that you draw, you force what you think to be a truth. You empower a conclusion.

The power that you give to a conclusion that isn’t what you know the truth of is power taken away from your heart, from your being, from what you know, from what you do know the truth of. That disempowers what you know. It disempowers your being and it disempowers your heart. That power that you put into a conclusion that you draw is an investment of yours in your personal experience, and it’s an investment of yours in what you need to be true and wish to be true, regardless of what you already know is true. You’ll naturally defend that power invested in a conclusion by being in resistance to what is not of that conclusion. The resistance is you continually reinvesting your power in what isn’t true.

When you give your power to what you do know the truth of, your heart opens. As soon as your heart opens, you love. When you draw a conclusion that isn’t what you know the truth of, your heart closes, and belief goes into something that isn’t real.

When you believe something that you don’t know the truth of, when you believe anything that you don’t know the truth of, you give form in your self and in your life to what isn’t real. In that way, you make something up and you force it to be real. You give it reality. In and of itself, it’s not real and it’s not true.

As soon as you relax within such a conclusion drawn and an investment that’s made, as soon as awareness relaxes, the form that you’ve created of something that isn’t real and true comes apart because, when you relax as awareness in the midst of that form, your power goes to what you know. It goes to your heart and it goes to your own Being. The power within the form that you’ve put together to make real in your experience what isn’t real to what you know, drains.

When you open within such a form, a form opens. If it is form that is true to you, what you know is true even more deeply empowers that form. If the form that you open in is not real and true, the form opens and its power drains into your own relaxation as awareness.

The power in a false form returns to its source. Its source is not the form that you hold it in. Form that is made of closing and hardening can only remain in form through your continued closing and hardening. As soon as you unconditionally open and soften in the midst of that form, it opens. When the form is not real, the opening of that form is the dissolution of something that you’ve put together.

When you’re in resistance to anything, you’re in resistance, as awareness, to what you know is true. The energy of resistance is an energy, a beingness, that is not like your own being. All of the power that’s invested in resistance belongs to your heart, your being and what you know. The power of resistance is the power of being separate. Resistance won’t accomplish anything that is real or good. It’s not a goodness because its beingness is not like your own being. It isn’t the same as what you really are. When you relax as awareness you naturally return to what you really are.

When power, emotional power, is invested in conclusions you draw, that conclusion holds. It doesn’t dissipate as time goes by. As soon as something in life or something that someone else does in any way at all touches that conclusion that you’ve drawn, even a long time ago, you’ll naturally meet that with resistance. The power of that resistance comes from the power that you’ve invested in the conclusion.

That power moves the moment that anyone touches something that has anything to do with that conclusion you’ve drawn. It’s a ready, available power. It resides in your subconsciousness. It doesn’t require your conscious thought or conscious feeling to hold it there or to maintain it. It’s maintained by the initial power that you’ve given to it.

Instead of resisting anything, be in complete response to what you do know is true in your heart. Response works, response to your heart, to what you know in your heart, to your own being, to what you really are – entire response to all of it. Resistance secures your separation from that. Resistance is in service to separation. You don’t need it at all.

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