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A rich and unusual dialogue on the subject of love, death and real humanness. We’re shown the fineness of the thread that can change our destiny, and what it is that stays with us after we die.



How to transcend life and death?
– The principle of life and death comes in the integration of your self, from what is beyond your self.
– Realizing a profound equilibrium of meaning in living and in dying
– Being grounded in what you directly know of the beyond.
– No longer dependant on beliefs to be grounded in your perception of reality.
– Awakening life within that doesn’t pass away.
– You transcend life by coming into the deeper levels of life.
– You transcend death by not being limited to the level of life you perceive.
– Never loyal to your perception, in living or in dying.

What is our life for? What happens after we die? The questioner feels that he is making compromises in his life in order to function, work and make money. John explains that everything we do in life influences our life after death. Using practical examples, John guides us in how not to miss the wondrous opportunity of this life.


A questioner asks how to deal with difficult situations in life, such the death of a parent, that can trigger an experience of pain and difficulty. John speaks of death as something that can bring true perspective into our life; of love moving in pain and filling it, turning it into compassion. This is a talk on love, the passing away of veils in death and our real power being openness, allowing for love to fill all of our forms.

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