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Year: 2003

“What you really are is more like breath than flesh and bone…” A rich and detailed teaching on the meaning of surrender and how it changes our manner, bringing transformation and the composure, within, that has no form.

“I am only here to empower the little bit that you know, to profoundly set things straight, to introduce healing first to the deep and inviting everything else to follow. I am only helping where you came from, not the interests that you come…
Q: I don’t want to stay in my patterned ways of relating, and the best way I know is not to let arguments persist. John: For arguments to become fewer you would have to learn to argue well. For you to learn to argue…

“If before we are born we are in a place of absolute peace, and, if after we die we return to a place of absolute peace, what’s the point for us to just go through this life? Wouldn’t it be easier just to kind of skip over this part?” Listen to this golden oldie for an introduction to the meaning of life.

JdR Audio 012

• The knower distinguishes priorities and value
• Always sorting, integrating, containing and delivering what you are
• Benevolence setting boundaries, terms and invitations
• Delicate beingness, unbending straightness, absolute backbone
• Meaningful terms delicately administered

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