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The Origin of Everything: Beyond a Being of Light

When: January 1, 2021 11:00 am

“The magnification in being in this much form that isn’t you, the magnification of illusion and also the magnification of the real if you’re being it, is in billions. So in this sense, if you get it, you get it in billions times more. If you don’t get it because you go for the obvious, you lose it in billions.”


* Online Interactive Livestream

  • You’re here as an unseen being to consciously realize this unseen you
  • The deep inner bond: a magnetic display of what you are, moving with another
  • Unseen togetherness; an exercise of the unseen; being the origin in form
  • Form magnifies; it’s the perfection of service, matching what you’re being in it
  • The incomprehensible power of the unseen you; magnification times billions
  • The story of the magical “zipper” and the unseen you; the individual cannot unzip
  • The unseen, radiantly conscious and clear, nurturing so much form


January 20, 2021

This remarkable talk highlights the unfathomable depth of what John is. It is eye opening and shows the way through levels of illusion into freedom.

Yes an Incredible Time

January 13, 2021

Love it so much to be with you in this. But the thing is not so much to understand but to be the flow of it…be what I really am capable of being ! From the level of the self this is unbelievable. But is true non the less. Meaning I am true non the less. Thank you John.


January 11, 2021

Beautiful connection and timeless teaching.

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Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

Access this VOD with a John de Ruiter TV Subscription

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