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Your Evolution as Awareness: An Introduction to Sameness & Conductivity

When: July 4, 2018 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,

Our sense of freedom and individuality is exposed as illusory in this dialogue. John shows the questioner the key to the potential of our selves: the freedom of awareness confined to knowing, and further, that recognized sameness is the way to true individuality. This seeming paradox enables conductivity – the instant connection and free streaming of knowledge through our selves and beyond.

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Video Transcript

Q: You have given me access to so much more capability than I am stepping into. I asked you what it would take for us to exercise those capabilities and you said it would take most of us moving as one.

John: Moving in recognized sameness. Moving as one interconnected, unseen body. IInstead of referencing differences in each person in the chair, recognizing the conductivity that’s there. The conductivity is everything. It can come strongly in the person in the chair, or not, but it’s always strongly in me. That conductivity is what we’re here for, what we are developmentally here for. It’s how we develop as beings within our self-field. For anyone here, instead of noticing what is liked or disliked, what takes place within the questioner in the chair – what is noticed, recognized, responded to, and moved with – is the conductivity, the deeper level conductivity of being. That directly connects into what’s being built here.

Q: Are you saying that the degree of conductivity is not important?

John: Yes. It can be low or high in the questioner, but it is always high in me. Don’t miss out on any of it.

Q: So whether or not I can plug in to the conductivity between you and the person in the chair doesn’t matter. There’s always conductivity for me to plug into.

John: Yes.

Q: In terms of the conditions in me that allow for me to plug into that conductivity, are those conditions different for each person?

John: The way that it registers in the body and in the self is different for each. Ultimately, anything in anyone that has that conductivity is available to everyone. If you’re attentive to the conductivity, what you register is resonance and code. That doesn’t require the slightest bit of understanding. The resonance and the code is the beginning of conductivity. If there’s any view to what is liked or disliked, that removes awareness – takes it right out of conductivity. Within the dislike is the removal. If it’s liked, there can still be conductivity but it’s conditional. As long as it’s appealing to the self, conductivity is let in, but that doesn’t allow for a fullness of conductivity. Within that conditionality, there’s the readiness to separate as soon as something isn’t liked. It does need to be conditional, but conditioned on what is fundamental, conditioned on awareness knowing.

Q: As opposed to what?

John: Awareness also knowing, but through experience, through what’s pleasing, through what’s liked, through what’s favourable, making the self a filter instead of awareness unfiltered, without boundaries, directly freed in being limited to what it knows.

Q: I’m struggling with that one.

John: In our selves, within the beliefs lodged in our selves and in our bodies, we don’t want to be limited to what we know. We exploit an artificial sense of freedom, to believe whatever we want, thereby creating our own personal truths.

Q: Because that fortifies our sense of self, our sense of existence. It perpetuates the sense of safety and familiarity.

John: Actual but artificial.

Q: So to be really loosed …

John: Is to be freely limited as awareness to knowing.

Q: And that’s like bringing it down, down to the tiniest, to the smallest, and in that there’s no fanfare or much appeal at all to our selves.

John: There isn’t any because there’s nothing there for awareness in the self.

Q: It seems that you’ve been lovingly bringing us along in development, and that what is flowering now because of that is this ability for us to plug into conductivity.

John: Without any reference to our selves.

Q: We can’t really plug in with reference to our selves, can we?

John: You can, but it’ll be a conditioned connectivity to conductivity, which takes away from the conductivity.

Q: This conductivity seems fundamental. Related to what you said about us having so much more capability than we’re exercising, it seems like that capability is related to this conductivity.

John: Directly.

Q: And the exercising of that conductivity or the coming into that conductivity has everything to do with being loosed within the purity of awareness knowing.

John: Yes. Freed in being limited as awareness to knowing.

Q: There’s such a strong, seemingly uncontrollable tendency to slip into other than that, so when I slip into that, into my self or preferences, or liking and not liking.

John: That’s because of factoring your self in to what you know and to what you don’t know, making the voice of thoughts and feelings to be the projected voice of meaning, the authority on what’s meaningful. Real conductivity is hijacked and its purpose is sold off to attraction and aversion; awareness connecting into circumstances through likes and dislikes.

Q: What I’m learning is that as I let go my functionality isn’t needed. Actually I’m not really that important! I’m just really loving being in conductivity, if I can call it that, and being in two levels at once, completely going, completely given to conductivity.

John: Yes. Where you are being conductivity you embody what you know as instantly as you know. There’s no process to embodiment. It’s the conductivity that connects every level of you, through your self, your person and your life, freeing knowing into all of those forms.

Q: And into more, right?

John: It’s through conductivity that what you know on one level instantly connects and applies to every other level. Conductivity opens as we are freed – awareness freed – in being limited to what it knows. It’s that limitation that is the connectivity.

Q: It seems that the real limitation is in believing our selves, and that’s the ceiling and the walls that keep up from conductivity.

John: That gives you a sense of being free to have and do what you like and what you don’t like: the perceived freedom of attraction and aversion. If you don’t like being limited to what you know, you won’t let conductivity freely open in your self.

Q: Did you say, if you don’t like being demented?


Q: It didn’t make sense!

John: That may be the underlying fear! If you don’t like being limited, if sweet limitation doesn’t free you, you cannot have real conductivity in your self.

Q: It’s like not letting a child have candy, just because the child wants candy all the time.

John: It’s like a child, free to have all of the candy that it wants, but it only likes having one when you have one, making a candy the choice of the bond.

Q: John, this conductivity, you said that it connects all the levels of the being and the self.

John: Where awareness is freed into limitation to what it knows, the loss of all control, the loss of all choice for awareness to go outside of what it knows. Oneness governs, and everything else is inconceivable: perfect limitation, whole limitation that is key to the potential of our selves. It’s key to the integration of our selves. It’s key to making your being physical in your self and in your person. Where you like your sense of individuality is right where you lose real conductivity.

Q: There seem to be two types of individuality: one is a constructed individuality and the other is a true individuality, because as I move beyond the desire to fortify my constructed individuality …

John: You lose all true individuality. True individuality, in awareness, is awareness being conscious of sameness, and moves in that sameness. It’s the recognition and the movement of awareness as sameness, ever-so-slightly separated, and individuality is the recognition and the movement of differences. Humanness is the ever-thickening substance of sameness that, on the surface, can access all.

Q: In this conductivity there are these other levels, like the one I can converse with you at, and it’s as if you are showing me how to be in these different levels at once, or bring one into the other. It’s like I rest into this conductivity and there’s just this flow of how to do that, being with these different levels is part of this capability that we have access to. Is that true?

(John nods).

Q: Is that my being that is in this conductivity? Is it my being beginning to exercise these capabilities?

John: Conductivity, as soon as it opens up into seen forms, through the levels of your self and your person, comes by awareness being limited, resting in limitation. It’s an expanded, true individuality, where there’s more than just the choice of awareness in response to sameness, recognizing and moving as sameness, but awareness recognizing and moving within the limitation of knowing.

Where true individuality is conductive, enabling knowledge instead of being dispersed into everything, knowledge can stream. There’s a necessary confinement to that streaming. Liking the freedom of that confinement is your conductivity between the levels of your self and your person that enables direct knowledge anywhere that registers in you, awareness, to instantly be embodied. Your knowledge is free to stream anywhere in your self or your person, and everything that it touches it takes your self and your person.

Q: It seems like it’s the difference between being a node, or coming from a network, and then the network can come up through me.

John: It comes up through the absence of artificial individuality. And it moves as real individuality that, in this world, is unrecognizable. This world recognizes and functions by the artificial: the world or your genetic self. The genetic self is artificial until it is mastered by sameness.

Q: Is that like a return to something that was before, a return to what is true?

John: A return to sameness.

Q: John, it keeps occurring to me that this conductivity is more than conductivity between us as humans; that it has a reach and a connectivity beyond

John: Yes, and is limited only by knowledge, awareness knowing. You may not know the beyond, but as soon as awareness, from within the beyond, knows you, there’s conductivity, not by anything you’ve done, that instantly connects you. The conductivity into that remains for you as long as it is real to you, how freed you are in the limitation of that, in the limitation of knowing. As soon as you’d like to have a little bit more control than that, the conductivity isn’t there and neither is the connectivity: artificial separation. All relaxed, and there is again conductivity and connectivity.

Q: I’d like to talk about the role of sexuality in conductivity. You’ve talked about sexual fields, and I’m wondering if there is a certain progression of sexual fields opening, that the sexual fields there, if there are any, are somehow in our physiology, related to conductivity?

John: Yes. The sexual fields are fields of conductivity. Opened, they are power fields. A self has no access to them. Real sexuality under the control of knowledge is the most powerful magnifier of conductivity. Its limitation in reach is only to knowledge. Where there’s oneness within everything you know, your sexual fields magnify how that knowledge directly connects into everything and manifest a oneness.

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