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Diving into What You Know Without Comparison

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When: June 28, 2016
Morning Meeting

Q: During the seminar I couldn’t always follow what was happening as people were describing the openings that they were having in their bodies. This seems to be a very common topic these days and I don’t understand what’s going on.

John: Instead of starting with the understanding that you see around you, but  don’t have, or starting from any kind of comparison, start with what you are here for. That narrows it right down to what you know in your heart, to what you have of direct knowledge that’s deeper, and how that for you connects into me. Stay in that and really go in that, so when you come here you’re investing into that which you have.

Q: I certainly have that.

John: Then without comparison to anything.

Q: I’m not trying to compare, but one person talks about some topic and then another person talks about it and soon 90% of the people are talking about it; it’s a group effect almost.

John: I’m guiding it.

Q: So when I see that I’m comparing myself to other people what should I do? I feel bad, sometimes. I walk into the room and it can seem insane.

John: Go back to what you are awakened to. It’s like an elevator; go in the elevator and then go right down into what you’re awakened to, instead of listening to the stories of everyone coming out of the elevator from different floors and places.

Q: But that’s what we do in the room. We listen to people’s stories, particularly when you don’t speak.

John: When I don’t speak, what you have in the room is what you know, what you are awakened to, and me.

Q: What do I do with everything else?

John: While I’m interacting with someone else, verbally or otherwise, you’re reading me and anything that you read in me is your changing access.

Q: Access to what?

John: Access to me, which fuels what you know and what you’ve already awakened to.

Q: What if I’m not going down in the elevator to this place that I’ve awakened to?

John: Then you’re coming here in your self and relating to how crazy this is able to seem. You go to work and then you come here. You enter this elevator and you are gone, because that’s what you’re really all about. Then you come back up in the elevator and you come out. Something in you is different and more, and the residue of that stays with you through the week. Then you come here and the elevator takes you and you come out wherever it goes.

It’s all about what you know and you’re being pointedly direct; you’re not going by what anybody else is doing. Leave everyone alone.

Q: What about this individuality on the self level? You say on the real level we are 99% similar.

John: Confine the application of that concept to this connection right here, to your relationship with what I come from, what I am. Don’t apply it outside of us, or you’ll just go into your thinking. When you apply it to me then you just directly go in and there’s nothing else for you.

Q: But there is something else! I’m a part of these people and I love them.

John: Yes, and that’s secondary for you. The only way that you can really be with these people is by you being in me, in what I come from and what I am. If you’re not in that, you’re not in what others here are in. Then you’re just comparing and wondering why you’re not experiencing what they are talking about.

Q: Sometimes I’m distracted and can’t find the elevator.

John: Of course you can find the elevator, but it can’t be on terms of expectation and your self. It’s on terms of what you know and your connection to what I come from, what I am, and me. If you confine it to that, all there is for you is the elevator. Confine to what you know, to your awakening and to me. Go back to where you left off in your awakening.

Q: When it happened, there was just the tiniest thread of connection; that’s all I knew.

John: Then that’s it. Go back to that. If it’s a muscle, exercise that muscle and don’t use any others.

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