A Geography of Being

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When: December 29, 2013
Morning Meeting

Q: How fundamental is this teaching? I often wonder how advanced or how simple this is. Is there a time when we won’t be bothered with this and it will all be behind us or something like that?

John: There will always be more levels to take in, but some do become part of a foundation and are not in the foreground anymore.

Q: So we’re still kind of at the beginning. Is there a fundamental teaching that has to be in place before we can advance? Before was ‘the map of meaning’ and now?

John: The geography of your being. What I do is fill the whole room with the geography of the being. I fill the whole meeting room in the same way that I fill my own heart: for me it’s the same. And this geography of the being becomes available to those in the room. And they can have a sensory experience of it.

Q: What are we to do when in the meeting? What’s the best way of being in the meeting when you’re doing that?

John: Do what I’m doing in the room. You don’t need to understand how to do that. It’s being done. So, you’re in the middle of the example and you don’t need to do it well. It’s like being in a dance class, and you don’t need to know all the steps, but you can enjoy being there.

Q: And if that is happening more in the room, it changes?

John: I’m moving forms of being around in the room. As that occurs and you’re attuning to it because you’re knowing the truth of it, then that moves the tiny little bit that’s in your own being.

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