John de Ruiter Podcast 308

John de Ruiter Podcast 308

The Illusion of “Me-Time”: How to Make Your Time Off Meaningful

When: January 25, 2015 @ 2:00pm
Where: ,
This questioner has been working hard and knows she needs to spend her time differently, but how? John shows her how time off can be spent in a repeating loop of self-rejuvenation, or be given to what has already made a difference: her awakening.
“If you’re going to take time off, spend that time on what most directly helps what you’ve already awakened to.”
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Podcast Transcript

The Illusion of “Me-Time”: How to Make Your Time Off Meaningful

Q: For the last couple of years I’ve been working to earn the money for my family, and it was a lot. I knew I needed more space for something new, for something different in me, so now my work is gone. I know that I need to make a switch or a change, and I was hoping you could say something about that to help me.

John: If you’re going to take time off, spend that time on what most directly helps what you’ve already awakened to. If you spend that time on your self, you will tire again. If you spend that time on your self, you are buying more time for you to remain in the loop in your self, and the loop that you’re in, in this world. If you rejuvenate, that will expire. If you rejuvenate your self, what you invest in your self will expire again. In that way, your life and your time just goes by.

Invest your time in what you know has already made an actual difference. It’s your awakening that has already made that difference. Put everything that you are into that, not so that you can rejuvenate, not so that you can help your self. It isn’t for your self, as your life is also not for your self. It’s for what you really are. You can’t manifest into your self and in your life what you really are without you being what you really are. Any direct help that you know you have to that, you need. To neglect direct help that you know, is for you to neglect what you know, disabling you from being what you really are.

What you really are has no loyalty to your self. It won’t favor your self. It will turn your self into what you really are. It won’t save anything in your self for the sake of your self. Anything that you do to save your self, to preserve your self, separates you from being what you really are.

Q: And the way to do this is still to stay open and quieted in my heart and see what comes up there?

John: Not to see what comes up, because then you’ll follow whatever comes up. Your real response needs to be to what you know. Knowing doesn’t wait for something to appear or to come up. It connects immediately and directly and then manifests it.

Q: And what if I miss something that I know, overlook it because it’s so different from what I’m used to? I tend to do that.

John: If you know that you’ve already done that, then in you being what you know, you’ll know even more deeply. You’ll know more deeply than anything you’ve already done.

What you’ve done is what has been familiar in your self. When you go directly to what you know, you won’t be accessing your self or using your self. You won’t be using familiarity. What brings you directly into what you really are is you using what you really are. It’s only what you really are that can know and access what you really are. If you use anything in your self to come to that, you reach more of your self; you won’t reach what you really are. If you do anything of what you’ve already done, you’ll only come into more of your self.

If you’re deadly serious with what you know, you’ll go right to it, right to the root of it. You’ll not stop for any distraction. You won’t stop for anything that interests your self. You won’t stop for curiosities. If your time off isn’t this way, then the time you take off isn’t real to the core.

Q: I don’t know how. Or is it this movement inwards?

John: A movement, as awareness, inwards, where you want to know the truth at all costs. That is where you are most quietly fearless. If you’re not quietly fearless, you won’t know what you don’t want to know.

It isn’t about being fearless, but quietly fearless. If it’s quietly fearless, it’s real. It has no support. It’s not supported with any kind of idea or emotion, and you land in your core. There, you realize what you already knew that undoes your way in your self. You won’t tamper with your self while letting your way in your self undo and pass away.

With your way in your self quietly gone, there’s room for what you really are to resume all of your self. That gives what you really are a self, instead of your old ways in your self having a self. Your own awakening goes right to it, as long as you don’t take anything with you.

There’s no process and the arrow reaches its mark. There isn’t anything else.

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