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John de Ruiter Podcast 307

John de Ruiter Podcast 307

Purity of Heart Goes Beyond Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

When: January 31, 2017 @ 1:30pm
What is enlightenment? Is it the highest spiritual attainment as many perceive it to be? In this dialogue, John explains that it is not enlightenment, but purity of heart that is what we are in a body for: awareness and knowing being one.
“There isn’t anything of greater value, there isn’t anything more real than a pure heart. It’s the highest value you can come into. Enlightenment doesn’t even compare.”
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Podcast Transcript

Purity of Heart Goes Beyond Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment

Q: What we call ‘enlightenment’, is that when you give your life to the being, and by that you change your self and person totally to be in alignment with the being? Is that what enlightenment is?

John: Enlightenment is when your knowing and your seeing is freed of your self and is all opened up from within your being. You can be enlightened and not really home.

Q: I also heard a podcast of yours where you said that it’s not important, there’s no bigger idea of enlightenment, but a totally clean heart is worth living for.

John: There isn’t anything of greater value, there isn’t anything more real than a pure heart. It’s the highest value you can come into. Enlightenment doesn’t even compare.

Q: So it’s what the being is that opens the heart deeper, and bringing meaning into the heart and purifying the heart?

John: What purifies the heart is not at all the movement of being. What purifies the heart is you, awareness, gentled and quieted in your heart and being all you know. You being one with what you know at any personal cost. Being that is worth more than the sum of all awakenings.

Q: So when you had your big awakening, was your heart pure? Or did it take time to get pure?

John: It was pure but it didn’t have the depth. There are levels to purity. There is fair weather purity, like what you easily in a small child. As the purity opens more deeply into what you really are, then what you’ll be is all-weather purity. As the purity goes deeper and deeper, it’s possible for you to come into hell-proof purity.

Q: So it really needs a pure heart to be hell-proof.

John: To remain simply being what you really are, in your heart, at any personal cost, in any circumstance, in any kind of fire, enabling you to realize how deep you go and that nothing prevents you from being that.

Q: So in the process of being what we really are and purifying the heart, there will be times where we will lose it but it all to come back again as a proving of what we really are.

You will fall. It doesn’t matter how you fall, why you fall, how often you fall. All that matters is the manner in which you get back up. All that matters is how love gets back up, and the speed of it. Where love is freed the getting back up takes no time.

Q: But what if the knowing is gone, in the dark hours.

John: It never is. It doesn’t matter how much you know. It doesn’t matter how much, how deeply you’ve awakened to what you know. All that matters is that you’re being it, and if almost everything could be removed of what you know, you can still be completely given to the tiniest little bit left over that you still know. It’s the givenness, the complete givenness, that is everything. It isn’t the how much of what you are given to, but the how much you’re given.

Q: That really opened our connection deeper when you said that. So there will always be a tiny bit in the darkest hour that you can relate to, without having any experience of love and pureness, or beingness or anything.

John: Yes. You could be locked into the darkest night ever, without reprieve, and it doesn’t prevent you from being what you really are. What will occur, without you realizing it, without you knowing it, is your development as awareness. What will be occurring without your knowledge is the development of your soul. You won’t see that development until after you’ve died.

Q: Does everyone need to go through these dark days in the process of enlightenment and getting pure? Is it like a universal law in this process?

John: Purity needs no day and no night. Purity is simply awareness not separate from what it knows. Purity is awareness and knowing all one.

Q: So it’s when you have dark spots in your heart, that’s when the dark days come for cleaning it?

John: Going through a night doesn’t clear it or clean it. You, quietly within – just you, awareness, being what you know, clears it and cleans it.

Q: And when you have a pure heart, is there any need to go back to earth, or do you go to a place more relevant.

John: If you’re still on earth, if you haven’t died, then you be that purity in the midst of anything.

Q: I know, but after you die. There’s no meaning in coming in to being a human if you’re all pure.

John: Being that purity is what puts you right into what you’re in this body for. Being that purity is what gives complete access of your being into your heart, into your self and into your life. Whether your being moves in tiny little touches that you can hardly recognize, or whether your being moves in great streams, what matters most is that you remain unconditionally what you really are.

Q: Thank you so much, John.

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