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John de Ruiter Podcast 232

John de Ruiter Podcast 232

Soul Synapses

When: January 3, 2017 @ 2:00pm
A dance with John at a New Year’s Eve party opened a portal into another level for this person, and what followed was an extraordinary conversation about soul groupings.
“The movement of what is greater than reality into reality is beautifully dependent on a soul; not two or many. Just one that’s the weakest and the most vulnerable. The power of that is in awareness, one with the truth.”
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Podcast Transcript

Soul Synapses

Q: It was so beautiful to dance with you. It was like a portal for me and I could go a little bit in but so foreign somehow. I went in and then I thought ‘oh, some kind of new possibility to get in connection with the soul-grouping in a very different way, or more real way’. It felt like a new consciousness, somehow. The whole evening I couldn’t really go in, but after the dancing it was clear what it’s all about… the New Year’s Eve party …for me.

John: I danced you in… and you knew your way.

Q: I have some question about soul grouping. It’s somehow just happening, but there is also a movement or a possibility to merge freely. You hold the possibility for that.
The big illusion is also that we are living on a timeline, and this merging happens in a very different movement. I’d like to crack up these illusions of watching from a time perspective.

John: Soul groupings is like cell groupings that form dispensable parts of your body such as your hair, that mean almost nothing but still have their own beauty, to other parts of your body, that you could dispense with, but at great cost – they do really matter but they don’t matter the most – all the way through to your organs, particularly those that your entire body is dependent on, to live. Cells coming together that form a collective of form that has purpose and function and then levels of that, and they all connect. They all matter; they just don’t all matter the same.

Q: And which one matters most?

John: The one that is indispensable to what is most deeply occurring. It’s like your physical heart; the life of your body cannot be without it. The very deepest of what is occurring here is based on a soul movement, not of everyone’s soul here, but on mine.

What is occurring here is dependent on that movement of soul that is beautifully inclusive of anyone’s response. It is inclusive of any level of openness, any level of authentic movement. What it is forming, what is grouping, is an indispensable body that enables that which is greater than reality to have presence, though that body, in reality.

It isn’t just indispensable to what is occurring here. It is indispensable to the opening and the movement of the bigger picture. The movement of what is greater than reality into reality is beautifully dependent on a soul, not two, or many: just one that’s the weakest and the most vulnerable. The power of that is in awareness, one with the truth. The power of it is all in the truth. In that way, it takes only one for reality to be infused with what is greater than reality.

What moves is a level of soul that is all the way opened up to the same level of reality that that which is … a level of soul opened up in reality, in the levels of reality, the deeper levels of reality, all that is needed to be able to comprehend the movement of what is greater than reality, making real the point of a merge, none of it initiated by a soul.

It’s all initiated by the overall balance in what is greater than reality and its whole relationship with reality that initiates the very first touch of infusion. It’s like a point of contact. It’s more than just a synapse between two points. There is a neurotransmitter that moves between the two points. That neurotransmitter is oneness, embodied.

An infused soul moving in a body moves the resonance of what it is infused with; a different level of what is, again, like neurotransmission. It reaches you through your openness of heart. It reaches you through your beingness, and it addresses the level of soul from which you are unwittingly relating from: relating from, without having a clue, without understanding, but it stirs that whole level of you.

It also stirs the levels of soul in you that are in between this soul that address you and the level of soul from which, without realizing it, you listen. All those levels of soul vibrate in you, creating levels of continuity in you that you wouldn’t otherwise know, opening up possible levels of response in you not available before. They are all your levels, but it’s only through a deepened response that you can come from them.

Whichever level of soul that you have no understanding of but the resonance is real to you, whatever of soul you respond from, whatever level of soul, that’s the level here of grouping that becomes real to you. There are many levels of soul groupings here, and the collective in what is higher is increasing. That such a direction even exists is a beauty all on its own.

Through the law of inclusion, which is the law of love, what is occurring here continues to be based on one. It doesn’t need to be one soul – that’s where it starts. It is through response, embodied, that ‘one’ turns into one grouping, levels of groupings all included.

No one is needed in this, and then anyone who responds is needed.

Q: That’s how the code of love moves.

John: In our dancing I moved as multiple levels of soul, and in you came, realizing mobility. What you were in was a portal, all filled with code.

Q: Gold? I couldn’t …

John: Yes, gold and code. In all of that, I opened your eyes, your face, your body and your brain. Love moved to you and love in you moved. Through your response, love moved right into you and, through that pathway, you moved right in. What took place was an infusion known by you.

Q: Today I went in a special kind of darkness completely new to me. It brought up, the consciousness that it could change even the soul. The resonance of it or to be in it or to move with it could even change the soul. You spoke in Germany about erasing the soul and recreating, and in my self I sense some fear to let go. Could you speak a bit more about erasing the soul and this special kind of movement?

John: First there is an initial goodness that is embedded in the fear. As you are drawn-in to move way past your self into levels, within, and into the meaning in other realms, lines in your self are activated. It’s like a nervous system of your self that alerts you, alerts you in your self, making real that if you continue, you are in fact moving past all of those lines that make up how you register your self.

In that way, your self acts as a lawyer, an advocate not to your self, but to you, making really clear to you what the costs are. It enables you to be aware in all of your body of what it is that you’re doing of what is fundamentally changing. It’s like being read your rights. Illusory or real, they’ll be all read to you so that, when you shift your orientation as awareness from one level to another, you really know what you are doing.

The experience of fear comes from all of the ancestral and developed add-ons to that lawyer. It turns into what is like an entire team of lawyers, but it is really the quietest voice of all of the lawyers that matters. When you are really about the truth, within, it’s only that one voice, so to speak, that you are really listening for. All of the others voices are incidental to you.

What made the infusion different in the dancing is that it was moved physically. It addresses you in all of your body, not in your body as you’ve known it but the levels of your body that pertain to the deeper levels of being that were moving, making those levels in you register physically. While there is the potential distraction, what is really there is the opportunity of levels of mobility all coming together at once.

The levels of opening were because of the multiple levels of permission that you’ve already given. Your asking and your permission were answered.

Q: But the asking is way deeper on a conscious level, and different.

John: It’s on a much deeper level that is able to register as conscious movement or even a personal choice. It isn’t really a personal choice. It is depth and a quality of choice that moved before the personal, making the personal.

Q: But how do all of these relate to the initial creation of the soul? Is that a different kind of a bigger picture?

John: Yes.

Q: To me, to go into that different kind of bigger picture has something like a really grounding movement in it.

John: It’s like asking what a house comes from. It’s all there in the house. The house is the form of it and everything that made it is in it.

Q: Then also the principle of life and death on all levels, the movement or the possibility.

John: Yes. What will this house be used for? What will take place in this house? And the multiple levels of choice that form that, that contribute to degrading the house or uplifting it.

Q: But who or what or what kind of principle is the owner of this house?

John: The orientation of awareness that lives in it. The house keeps changing; it’s always changing, depending on the level that’s living in it. In that way, a house is developmental. The house tells all of what’s been in it. It’s all seen. Where there is the capacity to read that, all it takes is one look at a house and you can read all. Everything is visible, if you can see it.

What a house comes from is a lot of work, a lot of understanding, a plan, and idea. If all of that makes up a hundred miles then what a house really comes from is beyond not just a hundred miles, but beyond any horizon you can conceive of. The more that you make up that distance, that ground, the more that you know what a house comes from.

That ground is the ground of meaning. Your real mobility is as meaning. You’re finding your real ground and it shows in your house.

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