John de Ruiter Podcast 266

John de Ruiter Podcast 266

Relationship: Empowering The Calling Together

When: October 26, 2017 @ 7:15pm
What is the calling? How does the knowing of a depth way beyond our selves influence our lives and specifically our choice of partner? Listen to this talk and find out what it means to be in a relationship that is fair to your awakening and magnifies it.
“Be in a relationship only with someone who you know comes from the same and belongs to the same. So then you’re matched up to the same levels within that you’re awakened to, that you’re living for.”
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Podcast Transcript

Relationship: Empowering The Calling Together

Q: How do you know the difference between the calling and the being?

John: The being has to do with deep, deep streams within. The calling has to do with you having direct knowledge of something that is way beyond those streams; that to your self it’s unidentifiable, unrelatable from your self and yet most deeply home to you. So then you’re taken by it, which really moves the streams of your being.

Q: That can include another person in that.

John: Particularly, most deeply, yes, if they are awakened to the same.

Q: And you really don’t need to do anything? Except for living from the calling and the being.

John: And your heart, and all of that sweetly controlling your self and your life.

Q: Since I met you two years ago so many changes are happening in my body. It’s like being taken home and into different realities. I know that I don’t need to understand it but it’s still nice to know what am I in.

John: What you’re in is something that you directly know the truth of and it’s way beyond your self and you love it. The more you respond to it the more that it’s changing your self.

Q: So am I following it all the way, or is there something I need to go more into in all of this?

John: Freely get lost in it, where there’s no longer any thought of more or less. That’s like you being completely taken by the beloved within.

Q: And regarding my nervous system, it’s just changing due to this but it takes time.

John: It’s all sweetly inevitable to you and at the same time, sweetly incidental to you. As beautiful as the change is in your nervous system, you’re also sweetly free of that. They’re just beautiful results in your body that you don’t need. It’s like having a whole garden that’s growing and you quickly realize you don’t even need all of that garden, so then the fruit of it you’ll be just freely giving to everyone else.

Q: So is that due to the calling that’s like a different garden, relating to a different garden?

John: That you are of a different purpose than even your own garden of being. It’ll make your garden of being really flourish and yet you’re not even really about that. You’re about what’s deeper than that.

Q: Do you have something to say regarding the relationship coming from that?

John: Be in a relationship only with someone who you know comes from the same and belongs to the same. So then you’re matched up to the same levels within that you’re awakened to, that you’re living for.

Q: So is it something to do with the consciousness, like being with someone who has the same developed consciousness? What’s the difference in being with someone who is at a different level? What does it actually do?

John: You’ll be able to pull together only from within their awakening, but not yours. If you’re awakened to your heart, your being and the calling, if you go into relationship with someone who’s awakened only to their heart, while you’re together you can only be with them on the basis of heart awakening. As real and beautiful as that is, you know that you are about more than that. So for you to be in relationship in a way that’s fair to your awakening, you would match up.

You don’t need to be in relationship, so if you find the most beautiful heart you don’t need to be in relationship. If you meet someone who has the most beautiful heart and streams as a being, you don’t need a relationship. If you meet someone whose heart is all open, they stream as a being, and they move quietly within the calling and it burns in them as a coal, you’re free to be in relationship and there, if you enter a relationship, you’ll be both pulling from within the same.

Q: Are there different levels of the calling? Does it matter from what depth of the calling regarding relationships?

John: Because the one is fuel for the other.

Q: But going into relationship from the calling will add more fuel to the calling?

John: Yes. In that way each magnifies what the other is already in.

Q: Is the calling always activated in the brain?

John: If you’re in response to it: yes. As you’re in response to the calling within, that directly activates your brain. It changes your brain and your nervous system.

Q: And so the brain is like the engine of the body. When the brain is changing, the body’s changing. So when the calling has the brain it’ll change anything.

John: When the calling has you, then the calling has your brain.

Q: Yes.

John: When you’re in relationship to someone who’s in the same, then in your relationship you are each activating each other’s brain.

Q: What is the difference between someone who has the calling and someone who has an open heart and a being? What is the deeper meaning, why is it like that?

John: That has to do with a different blueprint in each person – not a self blueprint but a blueprint that goes all the way through the being. The part where the two are the same is only if both are in full response to their awakening. As we are both in full response to what we know, on the level of response, there we are the same. On the level of purity, we are the same. On the level of development we might be really different.

Q: You said ‘blueprint’. What determines your blueprint? Is it the soul?

John: It’s like a big picture purpose and each person’s part in that.

Q: Is it like the ultimate picture for your whole existence as a …

John: Being.

Q: A being. Not as a soul.

John: Yes. Also as a soul.

Q: Thank you.

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