John de Ruiter Podcast 396

John de Ruiter Podcast 396

Relating to Others from Your Inner Sunshine

When: February 3, 2018 @ 10:00am
“What is the light I see around some people?” John explains how enjoying this light brings a new way of relating to others regardless of their behaviour, opening her energy centres and changing her inner foundation.
“As you awaken to what is deeper than the heart, your seeing opens again and you find this in others. They will easily experience being drawn to you in a way that, for them, is touching and unusual. Without understanding why, they may want to even sit down and have tea with you.”
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Podcast Transcript

Relating to Others from Your Inner Sunshine

John: You are awakening into your being.

Q: Sometimes I see light around some people, and sometimes when you speak I see this in your eyes. Is this also the being, what streams from the being?

John: Yes. You are seeing from within your being. It’s a different level of seeing.

Q: I can also see my light in my eyes, now. It’s a little bit getting more.

John: Like being given into that. Enjoy your givenness to it, and like being taken by it.

Q: How do I do this?

John: It’s like stepping into a river and you feel the current of the river, and because of what it means to you, you keep walking in deeper and deeper until the river takes you. Then you’re moving in the river.

Q: And I have to do nothing. No thinking about it.

John: Just like being taken by it. It’s the liking that is a whole different shift in how you relate. As you are relating into it, it takes you. It is your own relating to what’s deeper within that’s taking you. It’s the liking that makes it immediate and direct.

Q: When I am alone I can do this very good, but when I am around with people then I often get out of the streams.

John: That’s because you’re shifting your relating. When you’re around people you change what it is you are relating to. Like relating into this, while you’re with people.

It’s a little bit like enjoying the sun and how the sunlight filters in through the trees, and that your relationship to that opens you and changes you, and then while you’re with someone it’s the same; that you like how the sunlight filters in through someone’s hair and you find yourself relating to the sunshine that’s in them. You see people differently.

Q: What do you mean by this? I see them through my self, you mean, or what?

John: Instead of seeing people through your self, you see people through this, that you are coming into and that you are awakening to. It enables you to see this in others. It doesn’t matter that it’s covered. If it’s covered in someone, it’s enough for you to even just see it.

Q: Yeah I know this. And when you say this I notice some other streams coming up from my feet, going through my body and that’s a feeling like electricity a little bit, like a vibration.

John: That’s your energy centres being opened by what you’re awakening to that changes the level of energy that you relate to. Instead of the energy of your self, the energy of emotion, what moves in you is the energy of being, which is as much outside of yourself as it is within you, so you come into all of these levels of connectivity.

Q: Yeah and that’s where I can connect to other people, to the same.

John: Yes

Q: Even if they are not awakened to this?

John: Yes. If someone is not awakened to it that doesn’t mean that it’s not there. It is really there. Really like seeing it; like seeing it regardless of their behaviour.

Q: So I can see this in everybody?

John: Yes

Q: Everybody?

John: Yes

Q: Why can’t I, because I see through my self then..

John: Yes

Q: And see the self. Oh shit. (laughter) It’s nice to hear, to know this. It’s great, I mean.

John: The principle of it works on every level. Whatever you relate to is what you find in others. If you have a strong distrust of others, you’ll find everything in them that doesn’t trust you. You’ll see how it moves between people. What you relate to is what you see and what you find, and what you draw to you.

When you’re in your heart and really gentled and quieted in your heart, you start to see other people’s hearts, even if it’s covered, and it delights you that you can see their heart, that you can see little touches of it; that even if they are in themselves, you still see little touches of their heart coming through and you love that. You find it in everyone.

As you awaken to what is deeper than the heart, your seeing opens again and you find this in others; you can see it. In seeing it in others, that draws that up in them; it makes it easy for them to be in the same, while you are seeing them. They may not be mindfully conscious of what’s occurring, but they will easily experience being drawn to you in a way that for them is touching and unusual; that without understanding why, they may want to even sit down and have tea with you.

Q: So then I can trust them more.

John: You can always love this in everyone. Move in this, be in this, like this and love this in everyone; that this is how you relate to others.

Q: And I have to do nothing: just like it and see it in others?

John: Yes.

Q: That sounds so easy.

John: The way that it works is the same that you see within the innocence of a small child: they’re not focused on what they’re in, they’re not mindfully relating to what they’re in. They’re just immersed in it and they naturally like seeing this in others, without even being aware that this is how they’re relating. It’s just natural and real to them. You can see how they freely move in it. It delights you to see it.

Q: Now my body is like drawn to the floor. What is this?

John: Movement of your being that is shifting what is foundational to yourself; it’s shifting your inner foundation.

Q: What should I do, just move in this?

John: As you move in this, your self is being reconfigured. Your self is being changed without you working on yourself, without you addressing anything in yourself.

Q: Can this feel like if my body is growing?

John: Yes

Q: And this is then coming the body of the being?

John: Yes. It’s streams of being, moving in your body, moving in your self. Everything that it moves through and touches, it changes. It’s like how the sunshine is nurture to nature.

Q: I can feel deeper connection now, and a lot of energy coming towards me, and it’s taken me and I can see this white light around you.

John: This takes you right into the deep of your being.

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