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John de Ruiter Podcast 537

John de Ruiter Podcast 537

Living Your True Frequency in the Noise of Life

When: July 5, 2020 @ 11:00am
Continuous environmental noise has this person feeling distressed and longing for silence. John shows her how to let go of the fight and enter the intimacy that lies beneath.
“You’re governed by the deep interior frequency of what you really are. It doesn’t offer results to your self and to your life. It gives you to you.”
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Podcast Transcript

Living Your True Frequency in the Noise of Life

Q: I’ve had this noise I was telling you about a few months ago, the generator, this background low vibration that’s there permanently, and other things have come in. There’s a wind turbine that’s gone up and there’s lorries and JCB’s. It’s ramping up, ramping up more vibration, sounds. I keep being shown that there’s a silence that is possible, which I’m resisting? I’m concluding things but I’d like to hear what you have to say.

John: All resistance within is really your personalized defense of individuality. It’s the protection of your individuality, and it protects from everything that isn’t your developed individuality that’s actual but not real. And it also defends against the real. So resistance isolates your individuality, separates you from you.

Any low grade vibration, whether it comes focused to you from someone’s personality, or whether it comes from just agricultural machinery, where it offends the sensibilities in your individuality, that provokes you to hold together as an individual which serves to exercise the tightness and the restriction of individuality, the artificiality of individuality. Whereas as soon as you unconditionally relax in the midst of any low grade vibration, whether it comes intentionally from someone’s personality at your self and your body, or from machinery, it doesn’t make a difference.

As soon as you are gentled and quieted in your heart in the midst of that, you are being what you really are. So then that low grade vibration serves to help your self to loosen, which can’t occur unless you are looser than your self. Softer than your self. More open than your self. Less tight, more relaxed than your self. Where you are, everything that acts against your self helps to loosen and soften and make open your self because you are already being that in your self. But if you’re not being that, if you’re being the tightness of individuality, the preferences of individuality, then anything that acts against that that’s contrary to the comforts of your person, provokes you, awareness, to tighten even more in what holds your person together to defend it.

As soon as you return to your heart, you reset to what you really are in the midst of your self, your person, your environment, as it is. So you are no longer being circumstantial. You are no longer governed by circumstances, form – not yours and not someone else’s. You’re governed by the deep interior frequency of what you really are. It doesn’t offer results to your self and to your life. It gives you to you.

If you are being what you really are, then absolutely everything that occurs in your self, to your self, around your self, helps you, helps you be what you really are. But if what you are being is the individual, the self, person, the personality, your protected circumstances, then everything that occurs in your self, in your body, outside of your self, from others, in life, helps you in your self-orientation, which will make you worse. So either way, for better or for worse, absolutely everything helps you.

Q: Returning to the heart and stabilizing there. I feel as though I don’t know how to do it.

John: Return to your heart. Be in your heart. Stabilize in your heart, ground in your heart – and this next part is critical – without result and without return. The critical part is unconditionally. That makes you being in your heart genuine. It’s true to you and there’s nothing else there. It isn’t connected to results in your self or to your circumstances. The return to your heart, being in your heart, isn’t used for your self, for your circumstances, for others. It’s innocent of all of that. It’s genuine. It’s real, all on its own. Not held together for anything, not for something else.

Q: Let it, not relate it to any emotion or feeling.

John: You are not primarily relating to thought, feeling, will or emotion. You’re not primarily relating to your senses, to your self. While all of that secondarily occurs, you are primarily relating to you, to what you really are. You being what is primary changes what is secondary. That change isn’t about what is secondary.

Q: Like totally dropping the secondary?

John: Being what is primary in the midst of what is secondary, regardless of the effects of that, positively or negatively. That makes the secondary all about the primary. Secondary ceases to be its own point. It ceases to be the context.

Q: So it’s like a strengthening of the innocent of me. Genuine nature. Purity.

John: It’s you being what you are after you’ve died, while you live.

Q: As easy as that. Easier. I can sense a bit of a fight going on at the same time as a real awareness of vibration moving through me.

John: As soon as you die, that fight’s over.

Q: Yeah! (chuckles)

John: Or, as soon as you let it all go, that fight is over. Intimacy gets to have you.

Q: There’s been a desire for intimacy for a long time, and there’s a longing that is still present, maybe, that gets in the way?

John: Intimacy gets to have you from the inside out, and unconditionally. That’s the real. Everything else is genetic and circumstantial – actual but not real.

Q: Thank you. Thank you so much.

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