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John de Ruiter Podcast 248

John de Ruiter Podcast 248

How Real Love Enters Your Brain

When: June 12, 2017 @ 7:15pm
Where: ,
In this podcast the questioner speaks of his sense of readiness to connect more deeply and enter more of his being. John’s response takes us from a whisper of what’s deeper, beyond the perspective of our familiar selves, into unseen levels of love. After turning over control to our being, letting “incomprehensible being overtake your mind”, we come back to our everyday selves with a renewed awareness of the eternal nature of real connection.
“As you give control over to this deeper level of you, you consciously empower your being. You enter degrees of a being-takeover, enabling you then to think and feel and speak from within a level of you that is incomprehensible to your self: you think, feel, see and speak as a being.”
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Podcast Transcript

How Real Love Enters Your Brain

Q: What I’ve come to speak with you about is a shift in perspective. It’s just a whisper of something. It was so healing to me when you spoke to me about the bond that we have, so I know that in part I also came to the chair to simply ask for you to continue that loving, cosmic brain surgery that you’ve been doing on me.

John: The movement, within, is first without any use of perspective. All you have, as you’ve said, is what is like a whisper of deeper meaning that’s incomprehensible to your self, but you know the truth of it. All you know is its depth and its quality, and instead of turning that into perspective, you can be completely taken by that depth, within, and that quality, within, that you know.

It’s a little like lying down to go to sleep. You use everything that you’re familiar with to lie down, and then you begin relating to a depth and a quality, within, that in your self you call sleep. But in your self you have no real understanding of what you turn into as you near sleep, as your past, your personality, your day, and your self begin to fade away. You understand that you are being taken by sleep, but what are you really entering? What matters is that each time you fall asleep you directly know how. In the depth of it, it isn’t really sleep that takes you; your innermost takes you. The symptom of that is you fall asleep.

Q: The parallel to that is that I also know how to let the depth and the quality take me.

John: Yes. It isn’t knowing on the level of understanding and comprehension in your thinking and in your self. The knowing is in you. You, awareness, relaxing, know. In that way, as soon as you know a depth and a quality within that’s new, instead of stopping within your self in thinking about it, trying to comprehend it, in you go.

Q: Is it fair to say that the way that I have actually experienced that over and over is when I go into you?

John: Yes.

Q: Which is going into what I love.

John: Yes, and it’s a lot deeper than that. It is a love in your person and in your self, but as soon as you start to go into it, like sleep, your past, your person, your self are all left behind, and what you enter is without the use of all of that familiarity. You turn into a level of the ‘I’ that you’re not familiar with in how you move about in the mundane.

As you enter it and you come back up into your self, having been that deep within, you are bringing with you some of your being into your self and, as you do, you’re able to let the presence, the depth, and the quality of that unfold into perspective. You’re able to let it convert to thought and feeling in a way that is free to change your person, your seeing in your life. As you do, your being has form on the level of your self and your person, and in tiny little ways becomes operational in your life.

Q: It’s significant to me that you say perspective unfolds in this way, as opposed to, if I know a depth and a quality, to use that in some way to form a perspective.

John: You can also do that, but that’s working at it from the outside, in, which is very slow-going.

Q: Yeah.

John: When you’re being it from the inside out, then as a being you emerge in your self and you come into the faculty of thought. It’s what you are being that forms the thought. It’s not starting out from with your thinking, observing what you just came out of, of your being, and formulating a thought around that, forming a concept of what you just came out of.

The thought and the concept grow on you as you re-emerge. It’s a different kind and flow of thinking. It would be a little bit like – if you could – giving a baby instant powers of conceptual thought and speech, and that baby will communicate things unheard of.

Q: And it would do so very clearly.

John: Yes.

Q: I also, I want to say, feel my heart in that. Is that because the heart is that level of form that connects to what is deeper and beyond?

John: And is able to transition the beyond into your self.

Q: That’s really enormous.

John: Particularly if it is freed.

Q: And when you say ‘when it is freed’, is that like when I free it, in the same sense of when I ‘let my being’?

John: When you let the deeper levels of you that are particular to your being have full control over you in your heart and you in your self, so that you let these deeper levels of you, you let your being, completely take you, just as you let sleep take you.

Q: The only gauge that I have in that is what I know.

John: There you let incomprehensible knowing overtake your mind.

Q: I somehow know what that is. Maybe it’s actually, really, just in the relaxation and in letting the depth and quality take me that my mind can be taken over by incomprehensible knowledge.

John: By an incomprehensible you; a level of you that is incomprehensible to you in your self.

Q: Yes.

John: It’s a little like consciously letting your subconsciousness overtake your mind, and then add to that what is beyond your self, including your subconscious self; levels of you that are exclusive to your being, that have no existence yet on the plane of your self.

Q: That’s what has been occurring in meetings.

John: Yes.

Q: It’s really about becoming what is occurring in meetings.

John: Awareness, consciously turning into what is beyond the self and is all within.

Q: ‘Consciously’, in this case, meaning fully present?

John: And while you’re awake.

Q: In my mind there is the jumping off a cliff at the end of letting what is occurring here in essence, letting you and me take over my mind as I’m consciously in it; a moment where you’re just standing on that crevice.

John: Which is like the edge of your self and you don’t jump off of that edge. As you turn into what is deeper, within, than your self, being at the edge of your self dissolves and you enter a level of existence, within, that is all of the unseen, where the cliff of your self – you being at the edge of your self – isn’t the matter, within, that holds you together enabling you to freely move within the unseen levels of reality: your being.

Q: The dissolving of that, it’s not like jumping off; it’s just continuing.

John: In the same way that, as you tip into sleep, you’re not tipping over a cliff. To fall asleep you don’t jump off a cliff. It’s like walking toward the cliff. You lie down. You have these things that you’re familiar with that you go through. That’s all you walking toward the cliff, walking towards sleep. As you get closer, you turn into what you were headed to. That it would be most difficult for you to even register that transition, the tipping point. It’s difficult to register because you are turning into something completely different from your waking life. You’re returning to what you really are that isn’t dependent on thought and feeling. It isn’t dependent on your self and your personality. It needs no past, so as you enter it, you also lose the capacity to register it.

Q: When you say ‘register’, you mean in relationship to accustomed registering?

John: Yes.

Q: Consciously turning into what I’m approaching would be that I know it. So it doesn’t register in my self, but it is conscious, so I’m awake.

John: And it registers in a level of your body, a level of your mind, that you’re unfamiliar with in how you live. The level of body and mind that you live by is altogether different.

Q: I know that you’re showing it to me. I know that you’re moving with me and I wish to go in and let that inform my new thinking rather than to go from the outside, in.

John: Wishing to go in – what that really means is that you know ‘in’ and you’re a witness to that knowledge from within your self, and there, from within your self, you wish to enter ‘in’. The ‘you’ in your self isn’t that which enters in. It is that which turns into. So then, instead of wishing to enter in, as soon as you wish, you then turn into.

Q: That is what our connection does.

John: It’s what keeps occurring as you’re sitting there.

Q: Yes. I can feel it. In entering, is it for me a becoming?

John: It’s a level of becoming, a level of turning into. You, awareness, from within the level of your self turn into a level, within, that is no longer anything to do with the level of your self.

Q: Yes.

It’s an alchemy of awareness, where you beautifully give up all control to a level of you that you can’t relate to in your self.

Q: Yes.

John: As you give control over to this deeper level of you, you consciously empower your being. You enter degrees of a being-takeover, enabling you then to think and feel and speak from within a level of you that is incomprehensible to your self: you think, feel, see and speak as a being.

Q: So is it like my being is inviting?

John: Your being won’t invite. A being, embodied, is able to invite you. Able to speak words and tell you how. Able, with or without words, to bring you in. An escort into your being – and beyond, if you’re open.

Q: I’m just realizing, I think, that it’s not actually relevant for me to think about or even to consider that I somehow need to do this outside of our bond and our connection. It’s completely irrelevant because our bond and our connection are real. Being at the edge dissolves, and it’s all moving into the bond, really.

John: Yes, which is you moving by your being.

Q: And in that way there is no separation: my being and you.

John: Your being and my being. As soon as we move in this level, there is our being.

Q: Yes, because of you being what you are and where you come from, and you, all of that is possible.

John: In that way my powers, as you are in our being, are available to you. You can have them as they are free to have you: it’s a turning into. It’s all more of you.

Q: It really means that I have given all my control to you.

John: To me you know. To what you know.

Q: Yes. So you then get to be in me and I get to be in you.

John: Yes. There are many variations. I can be you and open in a way you’ve never opened before, which downloads directly into your body, that level of your body, direct code of opening that you’ve not known before.

Q: And so in your case, it’s an invitation, actually.

John: It’s embodied invitation that has reach all the way through your being.

Q: Does that mean you have reach all the way through my being into what’s beyond my being?

John: That goes into what it is like at different species of being that isn’t human but, as you see in, you know the truth of it and your being responds. Your being awakens and enters.

Q: So it enters into what is beyond and it enters into the level of the self.

John: As you come back into your self, a residue of this comes with you.

Q: And the reconstitution of the self?

John: Is when you, in being that residue, give it full freedom to move in your self; where you give it permission to change your seeing in your self, your thinking and your feeling in your self, your perspective in your life.

It’s a little like when you take a drug. When you take a drug, it affects your self, your person, your body; it affects you on the level of your life. Once you take it in, it’s in until it’s passed through. So, instead of taking a drug, you take your being; or perhaps you even take the beyond, all the way through your self, your person, your life, and it changes all.

What you’re really taking is a level of you that you’ve not awakened to before, that you’ve not been before, and you’re letting that level, that whole level of you, take over. With one most subtle compunction, it stops.

Q: In the slightest way separating from my knowing.

John: You in your self holding a tiny touch of power away from this deeper level of you, and this deeper level of you gives over. When it does, it goes back to sleep, so to speak. It won’t use its power, it won’t take power from you in your self, to wake you up.

Q: Really the only way to be awake is a complete shift.

John: That belongs to love.

Q: My access to the complete shift is in our bond.

John: It’s in our being. It begins in yours, but as soon as you respond, it shifts to ours.

Q: It begins in mine?

John: It’s from within your being that you recognize mine. As soon as you respond, then on a being level, you are mine and I am yours. As long as there’s no surface issue anywhere, we move as one. In that, you, awareness, are in a living, direct transference of knowledge. As you move, you know. The more you move, the more you know.

Q: When I move in that way, it is us moving as one.

John: Yes.

Q: Is it that you move me because I respond, and then I move with you as one?

John: Yes.

Q: So I move by your powers.

John: You move by my power, and as you do, you know. You know more direct code of our being and how our being moves.

Q: And my moving is also by knowing.

John: It’s all by you, awareness, knowing.

Q: But it’s like knowing begets knowing.

John: Yes. In that way, when you were little and you went to play with your friend, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a bicycle; your friend does.

Q: And this is forever?

John: Any bond that you have with anyone – even if it forms only a tiny little touch because there was a touch of being between the two of you for one or two seconds as you passed each other by in a store – it’s forever. Yes, it’s all forever.

Q: So the reason that we are here…

John: Is forever. Forever begets forever. It comes with some side effects: the opening up of your subconsciousness, the destabilization of your conscious self.

Q: That’s all okay. all of it.

John: If it’s all good, the next side effect is healing of it all.

Q: Yes.

John: The side effect is that love enters, turns into your flesh, your brain. Each is free to turn into the other.

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